Ted Lasso season 3 episode 10 recap & review: International Break

In Ted Lasso season 3 episode 10, Edwin Akufo plans to start a Super League while some of Richmond’s players go back home to play for their countries. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


AFC Richmond is on a ten-game winning streak, with Sam Obisanya being the star player. Everyone is expecting to see Sam make his debut for Nigeria. On the other side of things, Nate and West Ham United have surprisingly parted ways.

Ted and Beard announce the names of the players who have been chosen to play for their countries, and unfortunately, Sam is not among them.

Ted, Crimm, and Rebecca discuss the reason Nate is not with West Ham anymore. There are rumors of inappropriate workplace behavior.

Leslie comes to inform Rebecca that Edwin Akufo is in town and that he has plans to create some sort of Super League, where only the world’s biggest and wealthiest teams will compete. 

Nate is having a hard time back home since quitting West Ham United. Jade is going to Poland to be with her family. She inquires if Nate wants her to stay. Nate says that he is going to be fine. Nate is just worried about what is next now that he has quit a really great job.

Keeley receives bad news as well. Jack hasn’t reached out to her in weeks, but she did contact Barbara to inform her that the board of the VC is pulling funding from Keeley’s firm. KJPR is officially shutting down. Upon hearing that news, Keeley sits in her office and breaks down all alone.

Everyone is concerned about Sam, as he didn’t get selected for his national team, but it turns out that he is doing all right. Rupert drops by Rebecca’s office to invite her to the meeting with Akufo for the Super League.

All of Rebecca’s friends who give great advice are away, so she approaches Leslie. She wonders why Rupert is personally inviting her to this meeting with Akufo. Leslie says she should not care about what Rupert thinks and should go and see for herself.

Edwin visits Sam at his restaurant and lets him know that he will be starting his own Nigerian restaurant 20 meters from Sam’s restaurant. Edwin also reveals that he made sure that Sam is not selected for the national team. Sam somehow keeps his cool throughout their conversation.

At Akufo’s meeting, Rebecca, Rupert, and other club owners are served an excellent meal before Edwin can introduce them to the Akufo League, a global football league made up of only the best teams.

It will be costly to watch the matches of the Akufo League. Some fans may not even be able to afford tickets to these matches. Rebecca receives Keeley’s message during the meeting, which motivates her.

Rebecca reads Edwin’s proposal and calls this league a joke. She explains to them that they are stealing the love of the people who watch football. She mentions Rupert’s story while telling them what is wrong with this Super League.

Just because they own these teams doesn’t mean that they belong to them; these teams belong to the people who watch these games. Rebecca’s speech encourages everyone to back out of the deal. It ruins all the plans Edwin had.

Rebecca left quite an impression on Rupert, who tries to kiss her after the meeting. Rebecca stops him right there, and her looks make it clear that she has no intention to pursue a relationship with Rupert again.

Amidst all of this, AFC Richmond watches its teammates play international matches. Dani stirred up a rivalry with Zoreaux, also known as Van Damme, as they competed against each other during international matches. The rivalry ends later.

Jamie Tartt pays tribute to Sam during his match by sporting a jersey with Sam’s number on it. Nate goes back home, cherishes his childhood memories, and picks up his violin again.

Nate’s father finds him playing the violin. The two indulge in a heart-to-heart conversation, with Nate’s father confessing that he only pushed Nate to be better because he gave Nate everything he couldn’t have. Therefore, he expected a lot from him.

Nate’s father calls him a genius and apologizes for not knowing how to parent a genius. Nate and his family later spend a lovely evening together.

Keeley spent the day drinking away while Roy attended Uncle’s Day for his niece, Phoebe. She got him a beautiful red, orange, and yellow colored t-shirt, which he had to wear the whole day.

Even Jamie was present during the Uncle’s Day celebration. Jamie gifted Roy his original England kit from the 2014 World Cup. Phoebe notices that Jamie and Roy are certainly best friends, though they deny it.

At Phoebe’s school, Roy bumps into Ms. Bowen, who flirted with Roy the last time around. Ms. Bowen says that Roy feels less stuck now, which makes Roy realize that he is the reason he and Keeley fell apart.

Roy spends the rest of the day writing a note for Keeley, only to come face to face with her at her residence. He apologizes for being stuck, and they spend some time together.

Keeley and Rebecca discuss how the meeting with Edwin went. After hearing what Jack has done to Keeley, Rebecca volunteers to fund Keeley’s firm.

Barbara parts ways with Jack to work with Keeley. Lastly, Nate breaks into AFC Richmond’s locker room. He cleans up the place and leaves an apology note for Will. Meanwhile, Rebecca confesses to Ted that she no longer wants to play to defeat Rupert, she wants to play for AFC Richmond.


  • Ted Lasso season 3 has been going slowly, with a lot of storylines thrown into the mix. It felt like these storylines don’t have a proper destination. The tenth episode over here finally hints at how it all could end.
  • The tenth episode highlights the love people have for football in the best way possible. Little moments like Rupert’s story, Tartt giving a nod to Sam, and Roy and Keeley’s reunion make this episode wholesome.
  • The tenth episode also makes Rupert likable once the viewers hear his story, but it’s good to see that he isn’t ending up with Rebecca. Rebecca’s story will go in vain if that happens.
  • Lastly, most of the characters in the show now get a second chance to redeem themselves, and how things will play out for them moving forward might be the focus of the final two episodes.
Ted Lasso season 3 episode 10
Ted Lasso season 3 episode 10 recap & review: International Break 1

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