Ted Lasso season 3 episode 9 recap & review: La Locker Room Aux Folles

In the ninth episode of Ted Lasso season 3, Isaac stays cold towards Colin since finding out about his secret, while Roy learns a lesson from Rebecca. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


AFC Richmond is improving with a strategy switch in the midseason. Colin observes that Isaac is still trying to maintain distance from him. He won’t acknowledge any of his compliments or accept his invitations for a hangout.

Jack is ghosting Keeley, and Ted is planning to attend Henry’s parent-teacher meeting. When he gets permission from Rebecca to miss the press conference they have, Keeley pitches that they should have Roy do the conference while Ted is away.

Roy is not pleased to hear this news, and he straightaway expresses that he doesn’t want to do the press conference. However, Roy feels forced and agrees to it.

At Nate’s office, Jade visits him with lunch. Jade also gets to meet Rupert, who says that if Nate wasn’t good at what he does, Jade would have been completely out of his league. 

Nevertheless, he advises Nate not to mess this up and carries on. Jade notices that Rupert looks wealthy but nice. Later on, Rupert invites Nate to a guys’ night.

Back at Rebecca’s, she learns that Roy didn’t show up for the press conference. Beard is handling it horribly and has turned the topic of discussion into who the greatest classic rock guitarist is.

Rebecca attempts to bring everything under control, only to mess it up further. She then decides to pour out her frustration on Roy, who is responsible for this in the first place.

When Roy says that all he wants is to be left alone, Rebecca shouts at him for being convinced that he doesn’t deserve anything good in life. She tells him to get out of his own way. Somewhere, Roy understands what she means to say.

During the match against Brighton & Hove, AFC Richmond struggles. A fan abuses the team and calls them out with a homophobic insult, enraging Isaac in turn.

A furious Isaac crosses the stands to confront this fan. Isaac receives a red card, and everyone starts looking at the team with concern. In the locker room, Isaac expresses that he just can’t ignore that man’s homophobic slur and that the team shouldn’t be subjected to such abuse.

Isaac leaves to spend time alone. Roy comes to comfort him. He knows that Isaac is bothered by something else altogether. Roy advises him to deal with it, or else he will mess up the things he cares about.

While Isaac is away, Colin musters up the courage to come out in front of his teammates, who warmly accept him. They let Colin know that they care about him and are there for him.

AFC Richmond wins the match, with Colin being the star player, who assists in two goals the team makes. After the match, Ted is called in for another press conference. Roy decides to attend it instead and answers all the questions confidently.

Meanwhile, Nate meets Rupert for the guys’ night. The moment he realizes that there will be girls involved, he backs out and goes to Jade’s to give her a tight hug.

At night, Isaac visits Colin. He apologizes, and the two make up. Isaac spends the night with Colin. The two play video games and Isaac attempts to understand Colin better.


  • The ninth episode of Ted Lasso season 3 kind of wastes the potential Colin’s storyline had. Everyone anticipated it, but everything felt rushed.
  • Luckily, the show didn’t try to make Isaac’s reactions to Colin being gay predictable. One can understand where he is coming from. The end of Isaac and Colin’s arc, with them playing video games and Isaac trying to understand him, is wholesome.
  • The interactions between Roy and Rebecca should happen more frequently. Although even that feels like filler, it manages to hit the right notes, and it’s good to see Roy come to his senses like that.
Ted Lasso season 3 episode 9
Ted Lasso season 3 episode 9 recap & review: La Locker Room Aux Folles 1

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