Ted Lasso season 3 finale recap, review & ending explained

In the finale of Ted Lasso season 3, while Ted bids Richmond farewell, the team prepares for their final match of the season. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.

Episode 12 recap: So Long, Farewell

AFC Richmond could win the Premier League title if Manchester City loses or draws in their match. In other news, an assistant has accused Rupert of an inappropriate relationship.

Ted, Beard, and Jane wake up at Rebecca’s due to a deadly gas leak in the neighborhood. Ted is finally leaving and going back home. Some of his friends, like Rebecca, aren’t ready to talk about it yet.

The team collects fines for their end-of-the-season party. The new assistant to the kitman, Nate, is collecting the fines. Roy scares Keeley in the parking lot. He fails to express his feelings to her.

Trent Crimm presents a sample of his book, The Lasso Way, to Ted and Beard. He hopes to get their feedback before they can leave. A frustrated Roy arrives and asks them how to know if a girl likes him or not.

Roy backs out of the discussion the moment Ted says that they should assemble the Diamond Dogs. Back at Rebecca’s office, she wonders if she should sell the club. She only got into the club to ruin Rupert’s life. Now that she thinks about it, he is already doing it all by himself.

AFC Richmond’s value is at an all-time high as they have a guaranteed spot in the Champions League. Therefore, Rebecca could be getting a whopping two billion if she sells the club. Rebecca later passes this idea on to her mother, who encourages her to go out and explore.

On the ground, the team performs for Ted to give him a proper farewell. The fans join in and celebrate him. Keeley gives Ted and Beard gifts and tells them to only open them when they are on the plane.

On her way out, Jamie invites Keeley to the shoot of a Nike commercial. Roy notices their conversation from afar. He takes Jamie out for a drink and lets him know that he wants to get back together with Keeley.

Jamie expresses that he has feelings for her too. The two end up fighting with each other. They soon realize that they can ask Keeley who she wants to end up with. They go to her house. She chooses neither of them and kicks them out.

Rebecca sees Ted all alone in the stadium seats. Rebecca says if Ted goes, she goes too; she will sell the club. She gives Ted some attractive offers to make him stay. Though Ted has made up his mind, she thinks it is worth trying. Nate gets his chance to apologize to Ted too, as he falls crying into his arms.

The day of the finals arrives. AFC Richmond will be going up against West Ham again. West Ham is now being coached by George Cartrick. All of AFC Richmond’s friends are tuning in to support their favorite team.

Before the match, Roy agrees to join the Diamond Dogs officially. Roy expresses that he is struggling to change. He is then told that human beings can’t be perfect; he just needs to keep asking for help if he intends to get better.

Zava sends the team gifts in the form of t-shirts and one big avocado. Danny apologizes to Zoreaux for breaking his nose by gifting him a new mask. Moments before the match, the coaches show the team a video full of the memories they have made together.

Ted Lasso season 3 ending explained in detail:

Does AFC Richmond win against West Ham?

The team walks to the ground, crying. Initially, despite Richmond’s good play, West Ham dominates the team, scoring two goals in a row in the first half. Things are tense as Manchester City has also scored a goal against Liverpool.

In the locker room, Ted lets the team know it’s been an honor to play with them. He also tells them to just believe. The team brings out the pieces of the “Believe” sign they have kept to themselves. They arrange it to form the sign again and get back to the match.

A goal from Jamie Tartt, a penalty kick by Isaac, and another goal using Nate’s play helped the team win the match. Amidst all of this, a frustrated Rupert poured out his anger by pushing George down. The whole crowd reacts negatively to his move as he walks out. It is later revealed that Richmond came in second, next to Manchester City.

Does Ted stay?

Ted is greeted by Rebecca at the airport. Rebecca wants to give him a proper goodbye. They say thanks and hug each other. Rebecca is in tears as she sees Ted go.

On the plane, Beard expresses that he doesn’t want to go because he is in love with Jane. With Ted’s permission, Coach Beard fakes appendicitis so that he can escape the plane. Later, he ends up marrying Jane.

Ted reunites with his family in America and now coaches his son’s football team. When Henry misses a goal, Ted encourages his son and tells him to be a goldfish.

What happens to everyone else?

Rebecca ends up selling 49% of the club to Richmond fans. On her way out of the airport, she crosses paths with the Dutchman she met in Amsterdam, whom she starts dating later.

On Ted’s suggestion, Trent changes the name of his book to “The Richmond Way”. Roy becomes the new manager of AFC Richmond. Sam finally gets a chance to play for his national team while Jamie visits his father.

Keeley restarts her business and also pitches Rebecca to start a women’s football team. Roy starts therapy with Dr. Sharon Fieldstone. Nate is back as a coach again, it seems, as Roy, Beard, and Nate together put the “Believe” sign back where it belongs.


  • The finale is definitely not fan service at its best, but it gives a satisfactory ending to Ted’s story and marks the beginning of AFC Richmond’s dominance. It’s emotional, uplifting, and all about the memories the show has given.
  • The finale heavily teases the relationship every other Ted Lasso fan is rooting for in the form of Ted and Rebecca. Until the very last minute, a viewer is on the edge of their seat to see if Rebecca will run toward Ted. However, the show goes the other way by reintroducing the Dutchman Rebecca met.
  • Hannah Waddingham plays Rebecca to perfection in the finale. Although the show forgot about her storyline with Tish, she expressed the attachment Rebecca has with Ted to perfection, as her character knows whatever her team is today is because of Ted.
  • The match between AFC Richmond and West Ham is unlike their previous encounter this season. It is packed with thrilling goals, heartfelt moments, and some of the absolute best reactions to the match.
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