The Afterparty season 2 episode 4 recap & review: Hannah

In The Afterparty season 2 episode 4, Hannah shares her side of the story. The lonely adopted sister had finally found a companion but had to let them go. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Zoë, Aniq, and Danner head to meet Hannah, with Zoë looking forward to taking the lead during this interrogation. Being obsessed with her brother and not wanting this marriage to happen gives Hannah a proper motive to kill Edgar.

They meet Hannah, and Zoë notices that Hannah has Edgar’s dead lizard too. Hannah plays some music and starts telling them her story. She grew up with no affection as a child, so she indulged herself in many activities and found several hobbies.

Hannah’s brother, Edgar, and Sebastian often accompanied her in these activities. However, once they got older, Edgar got busy with work and lost interest in the mutual hobbies he shared with his sister.

Hannah still loved her brother. On her birthday, Edgar gifted her a vintage typewriter and also introduced her to Grace, with whom Hannah is able to share her love for vintage items.

As Grace claimed, Hannah spent time with her when Edgar was away. It turns out that Hannah went to Amsterdam with Grace, not Edgar, which means Grace lied about that trip in her confession.

With Edgar away, Hannah and Grace came close and began an intimate affair that continued for days. Zoë is disappointed that Grace didn’t tell her about this.

She storms out of Hannah’s yurt to talk to Grace. Zoë confronts Grace and reminds her that hiding things will only make her look more guilty.

Meanwhile, Sebastian takes advantage of Feng to crack a business deal, as Sebastian doesn’t know Korean. Unbeknownst to Sebastian, Feng kind of ruins the deal and lies to Sebastian. Following that, Feng attempts to become Sebastian’s business partner.

Hannah continues telling her story. Grace ends their affair near the wedding week. Hannah tries to get over it, but at the rehearsal, she realizes she can’t move on.

At the rehearsal dinner, Hannah confesses her love to Grace in private and asks her to call off the wedding. She invites Grace to her yurt as Grace walks away. To make sure she comes, Hannah flirts and kisses Travis in front of Grace.

Grace doesn’t show up at her yurt. Instead, it’s Sebastian who does. He is sad because, just like Hannah is losing a brother, he is losing a business partner.

The next day, Uncle Ulysses shares a piece of wisdom with Hannah, and it encourages her not to give up. She teams up with Travis to expose Edgar’s tech scam. However, after hearing Edgar’s wedding vows, Hannah realizes that they both love Grace immensely. One of them will have to end up alone.

Hannah backs out and lets the wedding happen. To avoid the pain of seeing them together, she decides to leave and travel. Before leaving, she gifts Edgar the broken ‘G’ key of her typewriter. Hannah’s story wraps up here.

Though Hannah has a motive to kill Edgar, she says that she didn’t kill him. Aniq puts focus on Sebastian, who said he is losing a business partner. Aniq realizes that the list of names Travis discovered is a list of potential business partners.

Sebastian is being fired, and even he has a motive to kill Edgar. Sebastian is out, making business deals on Edgar’s behalf by mimicking Edgar’s voice.


  • Hannah’s story becomes predictable right when she starts narrating it. A viewer knows how this drama will unfold and end from one point to another. Still, it felt like The Afterparty could drop some major twists, and that keeps the viewers hooked.
  • The Afterparty continues to make sense of small developments. However, introducing Sebastian as the next suspect isn’t put together well. Hannah’s story, too, apart from the affair, had only this one juicy reveal.
  • Compared to the past three episodes, the humor is also not at its best in this episode. Only a scene or two will probably crack a laugh.
The Afterparty season 2 episode 4
The Afterparty season 2 episode 4 recap & review: Hannah 1

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