The Afterparty season 2 episode 5 recap & review: Sebastian

In The Afterparty season 2 episode 5, Sebastian confesses that he didn’t pull off Edgar’s murder but a heist. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Initially, Isabel was only accusing Grace of Edgar’s murder. Now, she thinks Grace’s whole family is in this. Aniq and Danner head to meet Sebastian. Aniq is sure that Sebastian is their man just because he managed to charm Zoë and has been stealing the spotlight from him.

Sebastian gets ready to talk after learning that Aniq and Danner know about his firing. Sebastian starts by disclosing that he isn’t British; he just puts on an accent because it makes him look charming and intelligent.

Sebastian comes from San Bernardino, and he has been pulling jobs since he was a kid with his cousins, Jaxson and Judson. However, Sebastian soon realized that pulling cheap cons will get him nowhere.

So Sebastian conned his way into a fancy boarding school, where he met Edgar. Sebastian put on a posh accent to make sure Edgar doesn’t look down upon him.

Edgar challenged Sebastian to a game of Connect Four for Sebastian’s Justin Tunder card that comes with a misprint. Edgar not only defeated Sebastian but also saw through him. He recognized that Sebastian is faking his accent.

Edgar and Sebastian became a team and started pulling small cons. After college, they launched a totally legal hedge fund. They were doing great until Edgar pulled them into crypto.

Sebastian held back 20% of their capital in their crypto, which disappointed Edgar. Edgar believed Sebastian lacked faith, which cost him millions. Therefore, Edgar fired Sebastian.

Sebastian had time to hand over the resignation until Monday, which means Sebastian was still invited to the wedding as Edgar’s best man. To take revenge, Sebastian plotted a heist with his cousins, Jaxson and Judson.

While pulling off the heist, Sebastian overheard Vivian and Edgar talking about Vivian’s secret. Sebastian also came face-to-face with Travis, who was lurking in the same room where Edgar’s safe is.

Sebastian figured out that the final passcode to access Edgar’s safe has to be his father’s horse’s name. Sebastian attempted to seduce Hannah and Isabel to get the name. Both of them threw him out and Isabel even made him run naked.

However, during the wedding, Isabel gave up the horse’s name herself. Sebastian reached the safe, but Edgar was notified about someone accessing it.

Edgar left his dance with Grace midway through to catch the criminal. Travis tried to follow Edgar and got knocked out by one of Sebastian’s cousins.

Edgar confronted Sebastian, who revealed that he pulled off this heist to steal his Justin Tunder card. Like old times, they faced each other in a game of Connect Four.

Sebastian lost again, but Edgar only intended to take 20% of the card by cutting some of it and giving the rest to Sebastian. A smart Sebastian had managed to replace the original card with a new one and secure his favorite old card.

Sebastian pulled off this heist for something that holds sentimental value. He confesses that he didn’t kill Edgar. Sebastian does give Aniq and Danner something that might interest them.

Sebastian claims that when he got to the bar, he saw Grace and Zoë’s Uncle Ulysses doing something to a glass. Aniq doesn’t like the idea of investigating Vivian and Ulysses; Zoë won’t like him suspecting her family. Also, he desperately wants her family to like him.

Danner warns Aniq that he shouldn’t make the mistakes that she did and starts telling him why she quit the force.

Amidst all of this, Isabel catches Vivian and Feng trying to get rid of the plants they stole. Zoë reveals that her mother is just cheap; she just doesn’t like wasting things. The Devil’s Trumpet is missing from the plants that Vivian stole, which means anybody can be the murderer.

Later, by the poolside, when Grace approaches Hannah, the latter discloses that she hasn’t told everything to Aniq and Danner. Zoë watches this exchange from afar.


  • The fifth episode of The Afterparty season 2 brings the heist drama theme to life and pulls it off in a well-balanced manner. There is enough drama as well as adventure.
  • Sebastian’s story and his rivalry with Edgar is convincing. It’s gripping, and all the breadcrumbs left by the show match very well again.
  • The Afterparty season 2 continues to raise the stakes by painting four people as suspects now, including Hannah and Grace, who are strong ones. Both of them seem to have been hiding things from the very start, even after telling their sides of the story.
The Afterparty season 2 episode 5
The Afterparty season 2 episode 5 recap & review: Sebastian 1

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