The Bad Batch season 2 episode 3 recap & review: The Solitary Clone

In episode 3 of The Bad Batch, Crosshair is sent on a mission with another familiar face as the brutality of the Empire comes into full view. The episode is streaming on Disney+.


Imperial Governor Grotton travels to the planet of Desix with a team of troopers to assume control of the planet but the sitting governor, Tawni Aimes, tells him that Desix is an independent planet that refuses to give up its freedom

With the help of a droid army, she takes the governor hostage. Back at Coruscant, Crosshair is summoned by Admiral Rampart and given his first assignment after being medically cleared for onfield duty.

He is assigned to a team led by Commander Cody as they are tasked with heading to Desix and rescuing the Imperial Governor. Cody and Crosshair discuss the rising rebellion among certain clones against the Empire.

Cody then goes over the mission brief, explaining that they are headed to Desix under the guise of a peaceful envoy to negotiate. That will provide them an opportunity to ambush the droids.

Tawni tells Grotton that she’s aware of how the Empire operates so she knows that the envoy is just a trick and she’s well prepared for their welcome.

As the ship closes in on the main city, the droids fired on it with the help of rocket launchers and a battle tank. A tactical droid orchestrates everything from the bell tower with Tawni holding Grotton prisoner there.

The ship crashes down but Cody, Crosshair and several of the clones survive while some end up injured. Crosshair says they can still rescue the governor as he’s used to doing things with worse odds.

They split up into teams and make their way to the city to destroy the tactical droid and gain an advantage. Crosshair and Cody are the final ones to make it to the bell tower after they fight a squad of commando droids.

Tawni holds Grotton as hostage as Cody tries to negotiate for his release. He puts his weapon down and convinces Tawni that they’re there to help and she should trust that he means well.

She lets him go but as soon as he’s free, Grotton orders Cody to kill Tawni. Cody hesitates because he promised a safe transfer but Crosshair takes the shot and kills her.

As they’re getting ready to leave, Cody sees a batch of stormtroopers arrive as he begins to accept that the clones are reaching the end of their usefulness.

When they get back to Coruscant, he expresses his doubts about what happened even though Crosshair still maintains his unperturbed loyalty to the Empire.

The next day, Crosshair is called in by Admiral Rampart for a different mission and told to report to a different clone. When he asks about Cody, Rampart says that Cody has gone AWOL and points out that while he remains steadfast, many clones around him have deserted him and the Empire.


  • This series (and the Clone Wars series before it) has done a brilliant job of making many of these clones complex characters with distinguishing personalities. That is the antithesis of their origin which makes them extremely special.
  • Commander Cody is a familiar favorite within the universe and he and Crosshair showcase the two mindsets that are present within the clones in the early days of the Empire. It’s a wonderful narrative to observe
  • Watching the clones run through a droid battalion with appearances from the droidekas and commando droids adds that level of excitement that the episodes require.
The Bad Batch season 2 episode 3
The Bad Batch season 2 episode 3 recap & review: The Solitary Clone 1

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