The Bad Batch season 2 episode 6 recap & review: Tribe

Episode 6 sees the Bad Batch meet a young Jedi and help him get back to his homeworld where they have to fight off the threat of the Empire. The episode is streaming on Disney+.


The Bad Batch heads to a ship called the Vanguard Axis for some business with the droids that run it. Hunter, Tech, and Wrecker meet with their contact while Echo and Omega stay with the Marauder.

Omega says she has a bad feeling about the ship and suddenly hears the sounds of a scuffle. She follows it and finds two droids attacking a young Wookie. She distracts the droids just enough that the Wookiee can fight back and grab one of their weapons.

They take care of a small batch of droids before the whole ship is alerted, including the rest of the team. The leader of the droids tells the team that they should leave but Omega doesn’t want to leave the Wookiee behind, and Hunter agrees with her.

As a firefight breaks out, the Wookie notices his weapon with the leader and pulls it toward him using the force revealing that he is a Jedi. They manage to escape as the Wookie hesitantly trusts the team of clones.

He introduces himself as Gungi and says that he’s been on his own ever since Order 66 and has been trying to get back to his homeworld of Kashyyyk. Omega says that they can get him there and Hunter goes along with that claim.

They arrive at Kashyyyk and head toward an old village that the team knows about. They come across Trandoshians with Imperial tanks burning the forest down and holding a Wookie hostage.

They fight off the Trandoshians and the freed Wookiee heads off into the forest and returns with more Wookiees riding giant creatures. They take the team back to a settlement deep within the forest where they meet the leader, an elder named Yanna.

They find out that the Empire has been using the Trandoshians to strip the world of its resources. Hunter and the team offer to stay and help fight back the invaders. The Wookiees convene with the trees and come up with a plan to fight.

They ambush the convoy of stormtroopers and Trandoshians in the Imperial tanks and lead them toward a nest of kinraths. They gradually gain the upper hand and defeat the enemies while Gungi runs into the forest, followed by the leader of the Trandoshians.

The Trandoshian sets fire to the plants all around him and as he’s fighting with Gungi, some kinraths bear down on them and capture the Trandoshian to do with him as they please.

The Wookiees and the Bad Batch put out the rest of the fire and head back to the settlement. Hunter expresses his worry for Omega and Gungi who are just children who have to adapt to such turbulent times but Yanna says that everyone eventually finds their way and hopefully they will find a more peaceful one too.


  • This episode has a heartwarming and profound message about family and hope. The parental instincts that Hunter expresses are always pleasing to observe and the sentiments shared by Yanna are pretty poignant.
  • It’s a credit to the writers that there’s never been a clear translation for Shyriiwook and whatever is being said by the Wookies is put into context thanks to the replies of the people on the other end of the conversation. Tech and Hunter do occasionally “translate” but it is still significant.
  • Gungi is another character that has previously appeared in The Clone Wars and the efforts to tie in all the aspects of the Star Wars Universe so seamlessly must be commended.
The Bad Batch season 2 episode 6
The Bad Batch season 2 episode 6 recap & review: Tribe 1

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