The Continental: From the World of John Wick season 1 episode 2 recap & review: Loyalty to the Master

The second episode of The Continental: From the World of John Wick sees Winston putting together a team to take Cormac down. The episode is now streaming on Prime Video and Peacock.


In 1955, Winston and Frankie ran errands for Cormac. One day, he sent the brothers to set fire to a building. They realized that there were people inside the building only after Winston threw a Molotov cocktail through a window. Frankie protected Winston by taking the blame for the arson.

In the present, Winston bribes the coroner’s assistant and retrieves Frankie’s body from the morgue. The body is cremated in a hurry while Yen is still unconscious at Burton Karate. This enrages Yen, who does not like Winston anyway.

Yen met Frankie in 1973 in Saigon. Yen’s then-husband was making her sacrifice her life. She was a suicide bomber, and she was supposed to blow up a club. When the time came, the trigger did not work. Yen did not die that day, and she ended up meeting Frankie.

Lou’s father had an understanding with the other residents of Chinatown. A Chinese businessman now starts imposing his rules on the Burtons. He gets a cigarette machine placed in the dojo without asking Lou or Miles.

A boy named Weiko, who is always seen with the Chinese businessman, keeps breaking Burton Karate’s windows. Lou finally catches him in the act and beats up the Chinese businessman’s henchmen when they attack her. 

The Chinese businessman is racist, and he has a problem with Burton Karate because he believes that the Burtons do not belong in Chinatown. However, Lou refuses to let him intimidate her, as her father built Burton Karate with his hard and honest labor.

KD is angry with Mayhew for breaking into her house and leaving Frankie’s file there. According to the file, Frankie is MIA, but KD has her doubts. She is proven right when she is informed that Frankie’s body has been found.

By the time she gets to the morgue, Frankie’s body is no longer there. KD uses force on the coroner’s assistant to get him to reveal what happened to the body. He also tells her that Frankie’s brother is staying in Chinatown. 

KD then goes to Mayhew’s house and threatens him. Mayhew has no choice but to agree to help her, as he does not want his wife and children to find out about his and KD’s affair. However, he later breaks into her apartment to find her something.

Winston is determined to kill Cormac, but he needs Miles, Lou, Lemmy, and a lot more people because Cormac is protected by highly skilled people. It is almost impossible to touch him as long as he is inside The Continental. 

Winston knows that trying to kill Cormac is a suicide mission, and that is why he is going to put together a team. Miles, Lou, and Lemmy agree to help him, but Lou refuses to shoot anyone or enter the hotel. Winston also comes to know that Cormac still does not have the coin press.

On the other hand, The Adjudicator, the woman who tortured and killed Frankie’s companion, pays Cormac a visit and tells him that the High Table has given him three days to get the coin press back. If he fails, his position will be suspended. 

Miles goes to meet Jenkins, also known as Jean, his father’s old friend. Jenkins is a sniper who once had a corner room at the Continental. It does not take much effort on Miles’ part to get Jenkins to join Winston’s team.

At the same time, Winston meets a woman named Maisy, who has an army of her own. It is not easy to get her to side with him, as she wants love, not money. She wants to hear Winston’s story, but he fails to give her a story that will convince her to join him.

Yen goes to the theater to collect her belongings. She gets attacked by Cormac’s men, but even in her condition, she manages to kill her assailants easily. Cormac’s people, including Hansel and Gretel, are looking for the coin press everywhere, but they do not succeed in finding it.

His people went to Charlie’s trailer as well but could not find anything. Charlie went into hiding the moment he realized that he might get into trouble. When Winston goes there, he meets Ronnie, Charlie’s friend who had helped them escape, and tells him about putting together a team. 

Yen gives Winston and the others Frankie’s hand-drawn blueprint of The Continental. Jenkins tells them that they need to get control of the armory first and foremost, as whichever side gets it will win. Winston realizes that they need someone from inside the hotel on their team.

Miles knows that they need Yen on their team if they intend to kill Cormac, so he takes Yen with him to pick up a shipment. He tells her about his and Frankie’s shared experiences during the war, and the two of them cry for Frankie. Yen then helps him escape when he gets into trouble.

Winston wants to kill Cormac quickly without giving him the opportunity to alert everyone at the hotel. Cormac can do that with the press of one single button. To stop that from happening, he plans to use Cormac’s right-hand man, Charon.

Lou and Winston talk to Charon when he steps out of the hotel. Winston tells him about Cormac’s brutality and selfishness. He knows that Charon works hard and stays loyal to Cormac because Charon wants to bring his father to the US. He uses this information to convince Charon to betray Cormac.

Thomas, a cellist at the hotel, had earlier asked Charon to move to Ireland with him, but Charon had refused. Cormac finds out about this and kills Thomas because he tried to steal Charon from him. Killing on hotel grounds is forbidden, but he still does it.

He then tells Charon that the next in-house musician can be his father, which means he will be keeping his promise of bringing Charon’s father to the US. This leads to Charon siding with Cormac and telling him about Winston’s proposition. 


  • Cormac did not seem to be as terrifying as the other characters had been claiming. However, the end of this episode is able to portray him as a brutal villain who inspires fear.
  • One cannot help but be impressed by the choice of music. At some times, it creates tension and suspense, while at others, it adds a touch of fluidity to even the action sequences. 
  • When it comes to the action in this episode, it is the female characters who steal the show. Lou and Yen are brilliant in this episode, and it makes the audience wish to see more of them.
The Continental: From the World of John Wick season 1 episode 2
The Continental: From the World of John Wick season 1 episode 2 recap & review: Loyalty to the Master 1

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