The Good Bad Mother season 1 episode 2 review & recap

In the second episode of The Good Bad Mother, Kang-ho gets Chairman Song to adopt him, and Mi-joo gets one step closer to fulfilling her dreams. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Kang-ho is a successful prosecutor and is favored by Chairman Song, who gifts him expensive cars and houses; he even allows Kang-ho to call him father. Kang-ho now lives in Seoul, and he never visits his mother.

Chairman Song has grown Yongra Construction into Woobyeok Group, the company that is forcing an innocent worker, Mr. Park, to take the fall for them. Kang-ho is the prosecutor who is trying to prove that Mr. Park is guilty. 

Despite working for Chairman Song, Kang-ho does not give him the evidence that Mr. Park’s wife gave him against Woobyeok Group to prove that her husband is innocent, but he shows no mercy to Mr. Park’s old father either.

On the other hand, Mi-joo works at a nail salon. She is planning to open a nail salon with Sun-young on the outskirts of Seoul. She also has two children, Ye-jin and Seo-jin, who live with her mother. 

Mi-joo’s father left her mother a long time ago, and she is now raising Mi-joo’s children for her. Mi-joo does not even tell her mother about the father of her children, and her mother lies to the villagers that Mi-joo is married and lives in the US. 

Young-soon goes to visit Kang-ho on his birthday, but he does not wish to see her. He never picks up her calls, and Young-soon returns home without meeting him. She tells herself that he is too busy to see her.

Oh Tae-soo is now a presidential candidate. His daughter, Ha-yeong, was once accused of consuming drugs by Kang-ho. Back then, she had slapped him but later apologized to him because she did not want him to inform her parents that she went clubbing.

Kang-ho brings her thoughtful presents, as he had damaged her favorite bag earlier, and wins her heart. The two start dating, but Assemblyman Oh belittles Kang-ho and threatens him because he wants him to break up with his daughter.

Kang-ho knows that Assemblyman Oh had gotten his secretary, Hwang Soo-hyun, pregnant and that he does not know that he even has a son. Kang-ho gives the paternity test proving the same to Chairman Song, which will ensure that Chairman Song will have the future president in his pocket.

However, in return, he wants Chairman Song to legally adopt him, which will allow him to marry Assemblyman Oh’s daughter. Chairman Song agrees, and he convinces Assemblyman Oh to let Kang-ho marry his daughter.

Assemblyman Oh has no choice but to agree, as he might lose the election if Kang-ho leaks the paternity test. Furthermore, he wanted his daughter to marry a rich man, and as Chairman Song’s son, Kang-ho will inherit his business, so he will be very rich. 

Chairman Song then makes Kang-ho kill Hwang Soo-hyun and her baby to get rid of anything that could be held against Assemblyman Oh. Kang-ho then goes to visit his mother back home, and Ha-yeong tags along.

The villagers help Young-soon prepare for her son’s welcome. Sam-sik’s mother is angry with Kang-ho because she had once begged him not to send Sam-sik to prison for theft, but Kang-ho did not listen. 

Young-soon promises her that she will ask Kang-ho to help Sam-sik get a job once he comes out of prison, and then even she prepares for his welcome. Kang-ho and Ha-yeong are welcomed by the villagers, but neither of them is pleased.

It turns out that Kang-ho only came to get his mother to sign the adoption papers. An upset Young-soon realizes that he is not being forced into it; in fact, he asked to be adopted. She listens to him and does as he tells her. 

Kang-ho resents her for how she treated him when he was a child and does not want anything to do with her. He leaves with Ha-yeong, and she offers to drive when he seems agitated. 

Ha-yeong later stops the car in the middle of the road to get her scarf that flew out of the window, and a speeding truck hits the car with Kang-ho inside. 


  • This episode shows what happened to the children once they grew up. While Kang-ho has turned out to be like the people who killed his father, Mi-joo is still a very likable character. In fact, her character is a little mysterious also, as nothing is known about the father of her children.
  • In the previous episode, it was Kang-ho who desired affection and never got it, whereas in this one it is Young-soon who desires it from him and does not get it. She has made him successful but failed to teach him the value of emotions.
  • The episode gives the audience a glimpse of how the whole community comes together to help Young-soon on various occasions. These scenes help balance out the tense ones, giving the audience a much-needed break.
  • Similar to the previous episode, this one also has an unpredictable ending. The show continues to surprise the audience with its twists and turns.
The Good Bad Mother season 1 episode 2
The Good Bad Mother season 1 episode 2 review & recap 1

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