The Interest of Love season 1 episode 14 recap & review

In the fourteenth episode of The Interest of Love, Mi-gyeong breaks up with Sang-su, and Su-yeong decides to pursue her happiness. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Sang-su asks Su-yeong if she broke up with Mr. Jeong. In return, she questions him about why he keeps coming back to her and if he thinks it will work out between them. He simply says that he can take anything that comes his way.

Su-yeong takes another day off, and Mi-gyeong offers to go to the subbranch in her place. When Mr. Lee speaks ill of Su-yeong, Sang-su gets upset. Furthermore, he is still not talking to Gyeong-pil.

Mi-gyeong sees Gyeong-pil walking alone and takes him with her in her car. He sees the prescription in her car and asks her if she is sick. She replies that it could not be worse than the time he hurt her in the past. She does not even remember if she was in pain back then.

Sang-su thinks about Su-yeong while getting consent forms signed in the market. He messages her but does not receive a reply.

Mi-gyeong’s cousin comes to the bank to help her with the smashed car. She asks him if he knows Gyeong-pil, and her cousin tells her the truth about her father’s involvement in their breakup.

Mr. Jeong’s friend tells him to get over his breakup, and the employees at the bank work hard to roll up the new calendars. 

After finishing his work at the bank, Sang-su goes to Su-yeong’s house. When Sang-su finds out that Su-yeong is sick, he takes care of her. A worried Sang-su runs from one pharmacy to another to get her the medicine. He then cooks for her.

Mr. Jeong is now working at a hotel, and Sang-su thinks about how all of them are suffering in their own ways because of the most common thing — love.

Sang-su leaves the new calendar along with medicines and food for Su-yeong. He even leaves a plant for her verandah.

Sang-su and Mi-gyeong avoid each other at work. Sang-su finds out from Gyeong-pil that Su-yeong is leaving this branch in a week; she finally got the position transfer.

Mr. Ma is also getting transferred, but he is not happy because he is dating Ms. Bae.

Sang-su congratulates Su-yeong, who thanks him for looking after her. She wants to treat him to a meal on the weekend.

Mi-gyeong’s mother stops visiting Sang-su’s mother’s spa because of their children’s relationship.

Ms. Seo plans a farewell party with other female employees for Su-yeong, but no one shows up except Ms. Seo. She asks Su-yeong why she slept with Gyeong-pil; it is as if she wanted people to bad-mouth her.

Su-yeong is going to be working with Mr. Kim, the man who leaked the video, but she is fine with it because she is used to people gossiping about her. Ms. Seo tells her to put herself first from now onwards, as nothing is worth protecting at the cost of harming herself.

Su-yeong thanks her for making her time comfortable at the bank when Ms. Seo says she is proud of her.

Mi-gyeong shows up at Su-yeong’s farewell party because this might be their last meeting. She admits she still does not like her, but Su-yeong thanks her and apologizes to her for everything.

Su-yeong goes to her parents’ restaurant; they are finally leaving Seoul. She packs Mr. Jeong’s remaining belongings in a bag and gives them to Seon-jae to pass them to Mr. Jeong.

Mi-gyeong finally sleeps peacefully and sells the car she gifted Sang-su. Mi-gyeong’s father calls Sang-su to talk to him about marrying Mi-gyeong, but Mi-gyeong intervenes and tells him that they are not getting married anytime soon. She wants her father to stop interfering.

She wishes to decide whether they should break up or not using the coin she gave Sang-su at the time they started dating. Even though the toss is in favor of staying together, she tells him otherwise and breaks up with him.

She tells him that she liked their relationship despite the rough times and thanks him. She bids him a tearful goodbye and tosses the coin in the river.

Su-yeong and Sang-su meet at the same restaurant where they were supposed to have their date in the past. Su-yeong confesses what he could not tell her then; he tells her that he likes her and wants to be her lover.

They then have coffee and watch the first snowfall. Su-yeong had earlier told him that she doesn’t like the snow, but now she likes it.

She asks him what kind of future happiness he desires. He tells her that he used to think stability and consistency were happiness, as they used to make him content. 

On the other hand, Su-yeong used to think that it is the word happiness that makes people miserable because everyone bears their own misfortune in their life. However, now she is going to pursue her happiness by putting her feelings and happiness first.

Sang-su asks her if he can still call her now that she is not going to work with him, and Su-yeong tells him that he usually does it even when she asks him not to do it.

Su-yeong does not show up at work, and the employees discover her resignation letter in her locker. Sang-su runs to her house, only to find it empty.

He cannot reach her or contact her anymore, as she has changed her phone number as well.


  • Mi-gyeong’s character development steals the spotlight in this episode. She goes back to being her kind self. Despite having every reason not to, she not only shows up at Su-yeong’s party but also stands up to her father on Sang-su’s behalf.
  • The writers have been constantly hinting in various ways that Sang-su is perfect for Su-yeong in ways that Mr. Jeong is not; Su-yeong cleared her favorite place to make space for Mr. Jeong, while Sang-su tries to refill the same place with new additions.
  • Ms. Seo’s character has never been important, but in this episode, it was interesting to see her play an important role; she helps Su-yeong get her priorities right and aids in her character development. 
  • While the writers wanted to show that Sang-su and Su-yeong’s story has come full circle in the restaurant where they finally have their much-awaited date, it loses its impact due to Su-yeong’s constant hot-and-cold behavior. The ending does not come as surprise because of the same reason.
The Interest of Love season 1 episode 14
The Interest of Love season 1 episode 14 recap & review 1

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