The Interest of Love season 1 episode 6 recap & review

In the sixth episode of ‘The Interest of Love’, Su-yeong reports Mr. Yuk, and Sang-su gives Mi-gyeong his answer. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


When Su-yeong first started working at the bank, it was not easy for her to make friends. She was a hardworking employee, and yet her request to transfer job position was rejected.  

Su-yeong reports Mr. Yuk for coercing her. Mr. Ma and Ms. Bae are called to give their testimonies. The employees discuss how the bank will never side with Su-yeong. An angry Mr. Yuk storms toward Su-yeong, but Sang-su stops him.

In Mr. Yuk’s office, Su-yeong demands an apology. She returns all the money he has forcefully given her, saying it felt like he was compensating her for his unfair treatment.

She questions him about giving her a low-performance score and the lowest bonus, even though her performance is the best among all the employees. She was quietly tolerating everything, but that did not change anything, so she decided to take action.

She knew that she might get fired for it, but she decided to take the risk. She asks Sang-su not to worry about her because she can take care of herself.

Mi-gyeong takes Su-yeong out to relieve her stress. Su-yeong tells her that she has recently started dating Mr. Jeong.

Mi-gyeong’s mother, Mi-seon, gets attacked in public by a friend for gossiping about her. Sang-su’s mother comes to her rescue. She calls herself Mi-seon’s friend. Mi-seon then asks her to be her friend for real. She even buys a gift for Sang-su.

Sang-su runs into Su-yeong in the filing room. Gyeong-pil, unaware that the two are inside, locks the room and leaves. Sang-su apologizes to her for not grasping the seriousness of her issue with Mr. Yuk.

She, in turn, apologizes for being upset with him for so long because he did not keep his promise. She tells him that even if he had not hesitated before coming to meet her, things would not have been different for them. 

She would not have dated him because it would have never worked out as they are very different from each other. She tells him to find a woman who would fulfill his desires and that she has found a man who fulfills hers.

After Gyeong-pil comes back to unlock the door for them, Su-yeong goes out with Mr. Jeong for dinner. They promise to go to the N Seoul Tower together next time, and he gifts her a pair of shoes.

She tells him that she might get transferred to a different branch instead of Mr. Yuk. She decided to report him because, for once, she wanted to make a choice and take responsibility for what happens to her in the future.

The next day at work, Mr. Yuk thanks her for sorting the files and apologizes to her in front of everyone. Mr. Ma and Ms. Bae tell her that they took her side when they were asked to give their testimonies.

Gyeong-pil lets Sang-su know that he is aware of him having a hand in it. Sang-su reported Mr. Yuk for embezzling operating expenses because he knew that the bank would never reproach Mr. Yuk for coercing Su-yeong.

Gyeong-pil knows that Sang-su still likes her, but he tells him to forget about it. People can only marry those who belong to the same status as them.

Mi-gyeong informs Sang-su that Su-yeong is dating Mr. Jeong as the two watch them together.

Mi-gyeong visits Sang-su when he goes to meet her father. The two spend the day together. Similarly, Su-yeong spends the day with Mr. Jeong, who tells her that he always wants to treat her with respect.

Su-yeong makes Mr. Jeong breakfast before he goes to give his exam. She waits for him to call her after the exam. Before he could call her, he gets a distressing phone call from someone else. 

Mi-gyeong’s mother brings Sang-su’s mother food and keeps her client busy to give her time to eat. 

Su-yeong keeps waiting for Mr. Jeong to call her or reply to her messages. He does not even show up at work the next day, which makes her worried.

The employees find out that the woman they assumed to be Mr. Yuk’s wife is actually his mistress. His wife and his mistress both visit him at the same time, humiliating him in front of everyone.

Mi-gyeong and Sang-su jog together. Mi-gyeong trips and finds a 500-won coin. She tells Sang-su that she would give it to him if he agrees to date her. He asks her to give him the coin. 

However, he also tells her that he is not entirely ready yet. She replies that she just needs his one percent. She is confident that this relationship will work.

Su-yeong finally gets Mr. Jeong’s call. He asks her to meet him. He tells her that he did not contact her because he was not feeling well due to his exam. He then says that they should break up.


  • This show often picks social issues and carefully depicts their complexity. This episode tried to show how difficult it can be for women to get fair treatment at their workplace; reporting a senior often does more harm than good.
  • The last scene of the episode simultaneously shows the end of one relationship and the beginning of another. The scene is executed so well that it spells out the director’s brilliance.
  • While the last episode focused on Mr. Jeong and Su-yeong’s relationship, in this episode, the writers tried to establish how Mi-gyeong is perfect for Sang-su; her parents already approve of him and his family despite not knowing about their relationship yet.
The Interest of Love season 1 episode 6
The Interest of Love season 1 episode 6 recap & review 1

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