The Morning Show season 3 episode 5 recap & review: Love Island

The fifth episode of The Morning Show season 3 goes back to 2020, exploring how Bradley’s world crumbled down, UBA’s struggles, and a lot more. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


In March 2020, Bradley is the only host on the set of TMS. The COVID restrictions are tight. Cory is stressed because they are desperate for content, but the thing is, nobody is stepping on a film set. Stella is asked to take care of it.

Bradley is going to quarantine with Laura. Before leaving the set, Bradley lets Cory know that they were out of their minds when they were taking care of what happened with Hal. At least she was out of her mind.

Mia comes back home to André Ford in bed. She is quarantining with him. Bradley and Laura rejoice as they spend the lockdown together and host TMS from home.

Bradley and Laura also wonder if they should tell the world about their relationship because people are going to speculate no matter what. Since their personal relationship is their business, they decide not to talk about it.

Cory, on the other hand, goes house hunting with Salma, a real estate agent, with whom he flirts. He later asks her out. Salma is the one who tells Cory that Paul Marks lives near the house he has bought.

Hal asks Bradley to come to celebrate Mother’s Day, but Bradley can’t, as she will have to go through the procedure of quarantine again and again if she goes to Hal and comes back to Laura’s. However, she promises to come there as soon as the restrictions are lowered.

Laura jokingly insults Hal’s education, and that doesn’t fit right with Bradley. Laura admits her mistake and shows that she is willing to change when Bradley points out that Laura is judgmental. Bradley needs Laura to be understanding if they are going to be in a relationship.

In the summer, Bradley and Laura confess to each other that they are happy together. Hence, they make their relationship official.

UBA is working on the George Floyd protests. Mia is worried whether this country will ever change because she spent a day arguing about which footage their middle-class, mostly white audience will want to watch.

While Laura has her friends over, Bradley receives a call from Hal, informing her that their mother has COVID. Hal advises a worried Bradley not to come over. Soon, Bradley is met with the news of her mother’s passing.

In the fall, a grieving Bradley and Laura argue when the latter pitches that Bradley should go to a therapist. Bradley calls Laura an elitist snob, while Laura claims that Bradley is happy that her mother is gone; she can’t admit it, and hence, pins all the blame on her.

Bradley no longer wants to be on TMS with Laura, so she starts asking for assignments. At this point, Stella and Mia begin looking for new hosts. Mia points out that they need a woman of color, and Stella and Mia both think of Chris Hunter.

Back home, when Mia sees André watching the Mitch Kessler documentary, she tells him about her affair with Mitch. That night, André comes back home drunk, forcing Mia to leave and spend the night in UBA’s studio. André later leaves for Afghanistan for an assignment.

Meanwhile, Bradley leaves Laura too, claiming that Stella needs someone on the ground. Laura knows she is not coming back, and Bradley agrees, as it’s just not their time.

Stella meets Kate Danton, who works at Hyperion. Kate regrets not taking the step Stella took by leaving Paul Marks and doing the corporate thing.

UBA’s budget is now up 30%. Trump supporters have gathered at the US Capitol. Bradley is on the ground and recording the attacks inside the United States Capitol Building. She records intimate footage that ends with a masked man assaulting a cop.

The mask is removed, and the man is revealed to be Bradley’s brother, Hal. She confronts Hal in private, and after learning that he is going to be a father soon, Bradley sends him away in order to protect him.

Later in her office, Bradley deletes the final moments of her footage where Hal is assaulting a cop. Stella doesn’t notice the edit. She loves the footage, and it works for UBA.

Cory finally finds Paul Marks on the beach outside his house and leaves an impression on him. Bradley visits Cory to talk about the FBI mailing them about an assault on a cop inside the United States Capitol Building.

Cory is all excited, believing that Bradley could actually have footage of this incident. Bradley confesses that she deleted the footage, and the FBI will find out once they see it. Bradley tells him that she deleted it because Hal is on it.

This move of Bradley’s jeopardizes the entire network. Cory assures Bradley that he will have their lawyers talk to the FBI and tell them that the footage they aired is all they have. Following that, Bradley joins UBA Evening News.


  • The Morning Show season 3 doesn’t lose momentum as it takes the viewers into the past to show how Bradley and Laura fall apart, how Cory meets Paul Marks, and the favor Cory and Bradley are talking about.
  • The struggles to run a network during the pandemic can be felt. Furthermore, a look at some important incidents, such as George Floyd’s killing, the passing of RGB, and the January 6 United States Capitol attack, takes one back in time.
  • Reese Witherspoon and Julianna Margulies deliver as they portray the relationship of Bradley and Laura during the pandemic. In a single episode, one starts feeling bad for how it ended. Lastly, the show also lays the groundwork for Mia and Stella’s stories this season.
The Morning Show season 3 episode 5
The Morning Show season 3 episode 5 recap & review: Love Island 1

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