The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 episode 6 recap & review: Love Fest

In the sixth episode of The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2, Belly and her friends throw a party to say goodbye to the beach house. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


After Julia tells Conrad, Jeremiah, and the others that she already sold the house, Skye talks to her and tries to convince her to back out of the deal. Skye believes that their mother only told them the bad things about the house and their cousins.

Unlike their mother, Skye has found a place here. They tell their mother that selling the house will not bring her closure, as she is not selling it for closure but for confirmation that she can never belong here.

Julia remembers the Christmas that her and Susannah’s families celebrated together after their father’s death. Julia never liked their father because he did not love her as much as Susannah. On the other hand, Susannah loved both her parents.

Julia felt like an outsider when she was with her father, stepmother, and Susannah. When Julia talked to Susannah about her feelings, Susannah’s reaction made her feel like she did not understand. 

Skye believes that their mother is still closing off her heart because of what happened in the past. As Julia refuses to back out of the deal, Skye refuses to go with their mother. Skye decides to stay with their cousins, who are not angry at her for her mother’s actions.

The group accepts the fact that they cannot do anything to save the beach house, so they decide to say goodbye to it. Belly thinks that the house deserves a better goodbye, so they decide to throw one last party there, the way Susannah and Laurel did in the past.

Steven makes Conrad promise to be zen for as long as they are here. Meanwhile, Belly tells Taylor that their coach has asked Belly not to join their team. Taylor is ready to quit the team, but Belly does not want her to do that.

Jeremiah talks to Belly about the beach house being his safe space, and he is now losing it. To cheer him up, Belly pushes him into the pool, and the two of them fool around.

Conrad wants Belly to go with him to buy the party supplies, and Jeremiah joins them. When Jeremiah is not around, Belly apologizes to Conrad for creating a scene at Susannah’s funeral. She did not want to make that day about herself.

When she says that she wanted to be there for him, he tells her that he was with Aubrey only because she found him when he was having a panic attack. He also tells Belly that he wishes she had found him instead. Jeremiah’s arrival interrupts their conversation.

Skye and Cam go to Cam’s house to get the music system, and Cam tells Skye that he has not told his mother that he wants to work on a fishing boat. On the other hand, Taylor and Steven prepare the invitation and playlist for the party.

At the beach house, Jeremiah goes through the old pictures that his mother had taken there and admits to Conrad that he is scared of everything fading away, but Conrad does not think that will happen. 

He then talks to Belly about seeing her with Conrad when they went shopping. Belly tells him that she is getting over her past and moving on at the same time. Later, she discusses her relationship with Conrad and Jeremiah with Taylor, and her friend advises her to be careful. While Belly now likes Jeremiah, Conrad still likes her. 

At the party, Cam and Skye discuss their regrets and then kiss. Milo, who had earlier found out about the party from Taylor, comes to see her. Taylor and Steven dance together the way Taylor and Belly used to do when they were young.

Steven admits that he has feelings for Taylor, and that is when Milo finds her. Milo and Steven get into a fight. Jeremiah flirts with Belly, and they almost kiss, but Steven and Milo’s fight interrupts their moment.

After Jeremiah and Conrad separate Milo and Steven, Taylor breaks up with Milo, as he does not know anything about her. Steven follows her and apologizes to her for everything that happened. Taylor also likes Steven, and they kiss.

Skye informs Belly, Jeremiah, and Conrad that Julia put a condition into the sale. The family that bought the house will allow them to rent the house for a week every summer. While Jeremiah and Belly are happy to hear this, Conrad does not want to rent their own house from someone else.

Conrad wants to let the matter go, which results in an argument between the brothers. Jeremiah claims that Conrad lets go of things when everything gets too hard, the way he let go of his relationship with Belly after begging Jeremiah to let him date her.

Jeremiah then tells Conrad that he now sees Conrad for what he is — a coward. He does not think that Conrad is someone he wants to look up to or even know, which hurts Conrad.

Belly gets drunk and goes close to the sea. Conrad refuses to leave her there and brings her back forcefully. Now that she knows that Conrad begged his brother to let him date her, she asks him why he did not tell her about it. If she had known, she would have fought for him and their relationship.

Conrad and Belly admit that they loved each other, but Belly thinks that they did not do it enough. A heartbroken Belly thinks that the magic is already gone from the beach house. She sees Conrad and Jeremiah angry at each other, which makes everything worse.

She calls her mother and starts crying. Laurel does not pick up the phone, so Belly leaves her a message, telling her that the house no longer belongs to them and that she is scared that Conrad and Jeremiah might never speak to each other again. She asks her mother to come and fix everything.


  • This episode was the best episode of this season in terms of plot development and choice of music. It sets the right pace and has enough tension to keep the audience interested. 
  • Jeremiah and Conrad’s confrontation is a scene that is charged with emotion. Jeremiah’s words leave an impact and make the audience feel for Conrad.  
  • On the other hand, one cannot take Steven and Milo’s fight seriously. It is farcical and adds a tinge of humor to the episode.
The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 episode 6
The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 episode 6 recap & review: Love Fest 1

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