The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 finale recap, review & ending explained

In the finale of the second season of The Summer I Turned Pretty, Belly has to understand her own feelings and decide whether she wants to be with Jeremiah or Conrad. The episode is now streaming on Prime Video.

Episode 8 recap: Love Triangle

After his exam, Conrad happily calls Steven and tells him that the exam went well. Steven asks Conrad to confess his feelings to Belly. Minutes later, Conrad’s happiness vanishes when he sees his brother kissing Belly.

Conrad makes his presence known and then walks away from Jeremiah and Belly. Jeremiah asks Belly to go after his brother. When Belly goes to talk to Conrad, he asks her if she kissed Jeremiah to make him jealous. He also tells her that he does not want her.  

Meanwhile, Cleveland is trying to get Laurel to attend a literary meet-up, but Laurel thinks she has nothing in common with those writers. Steven tries to convince her to do things that make her uncomfortable in order to grow.

Conrad has to move out of his dorm today itself and the three of them came there in Conrad’s car, so Jeremiah knows that his brother will come back. He waits for him with Belly, and Conrad returns, but he acts cheerful. 

On their way to drop Belly off, Conrad keeps making Jeremiah and Belly awkward by asking them uncomfortable questions. Furthermore, due to a storm, the highways get shut down, and the three of them have no choice but to spend the night at a motel, where only one room is available. 

Jeremiah asks Conrad if he still likes Belly, but Conrad never replies. He also tells Conrad about his feelings for Belly and how they never changed. It does not take Jeremiah long to understand that his brother still loves Belly, which makes him feel like Belly will go back to him again.

On the other hand, Steven joins Taylor when she is out with her friends, and they tell him that Taylor’s ex-boyfriend, Milo, has written a whole diss album about Steven. When her friends leave, Taylor and Steven get into an argument, as Steven wants Belly to be with Conrad, whereas Taylor wants her to end up with Jeremiah.

At the motel, Jeremiah tells Belly that Conrad loves her and asks her to talk to him about the same. If Belly still wants to be with him after talking to Conrad, then they can be together. Jeremiah also talks to Conrad. 

He knows that Conrad is acting out to prevent anyone from seeing that he is hurting. Jeremiah makes Conrad admit that he loves Belly and convinces him to confess his feelings to her. He promises that he will not get in the way if Belly needs and wants Conrad, as he just wants Belly to be happy.

Laurel calls Belly, and they discuss what it feels like to fall out of love. Laurel then attends the literary meet-up and gets along with a writer named Sandra. She even makes Laurel read her memoir in front of the other writers.

At night, Conrad tells Belly that he did not mean what he said to her earlier about kissing Jeremiah to make him jealous and that he still wants to be with her. This makes Belly think about her last meeting with Susannah.

She had told Belly that Conrad loved her after they had broken up. Susannah also asked Belly to look after Conrad and assured her that everything will be fine in the end. Susannah believed that all of them will come together eventually.

The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 ending explained in detail:

Does Belly end up with Conrad or Jeremiah?

The next morning, Jeremiah tells Belly that he wants her to be happy and that even if she chooses Conrad, he will not stop being her friend like he did last summer. However, Belly chooses Jeremiah, and the two of them kiss.

When Belly goes to speak to Conrad, he tells her that he lied to her last night. He was angry and did not want Belly to be with Jeremiah, so he lied to her about having feelings for her. He does not want to come between her and Jeremiah anymore, and he is still going to be Belly’s friend.

Belly knows that Conrad always gives and then takes it all away, so she finally lets Conrad go. She agrees to be his friend, and Conrad gives her the infinity necklace because he does not want to hold on to it anymore.

Conrad decides to go back to Cousins and let Jeremiah take Belly home. He is still going to meet them to celebrate the Fourth of July. Conrad is heartbroken, and the moment he walks out of the room, he lets himself cry and be sad. 

Are Taylor and Steven still together?

After their argument, Taylor does not respond to any of Steven’s messages. The next day, when she is leaving for the volleyball camp, Steven comes to meet her. Taylor admits that she did not talk to him because she got scared.

She is embarrassed because she likes him a lot. She is used to having all the power in her relationships because she always cares less than the other person, but this time, she cares a lot and is scared of being hurt.

Steven assures her that he is not going to hurt her. He thinks that she will be the one breaking his heart. The two of them then kiss and make up.

Does Belly get to rejoin the volleyball team?

Jeremiah takes Belly to the volleyball camp, where Steven and Taylor find out that Belly is now dating Jeremiah. Belly apologizes to her coach for disappointing her and giving up on the team. She also acknowledges that she should have taken responsibility sooner.

She asks her coach to give her one more chance and is ready to do anything for it. When the team insists on letting Belly join them, their coach agrees to give her another chance. 

While Jeremiah watches Belly play, Conrad is seen painting and furnishing the beach house. This is not how Belly pictured her future, and she knows that it is still unclear, but she also knows that it is hers.


  • This episode will make the audience dislike Conrad and feel sorry for him at the same time. His decision to not come between his brother and Belly and let them be happy at the expense of his own happiness will make the audience feel for him.
  • Jeremiah’s character development makes him the hero in this episode. He takes into consideration everyone’s feelings before making the decision to be with Belly. He is certainly the most sensible and mature character in this episode.
  • Laurel’s story comes full circle in the finale. She goes from avoiding the subject of Susannah’s death at the beginning of the season to reading her memoir and making new friends. The show would have benefited from focusing more on her journey.
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