Titans season 4 episode 10 recap & review: Game Over

In episode 10 of the Titans, Conner and Sebastian join forces, Dick tries to sever the connection between Rachel and Sebastian, and Gar finally returns home. The episode is streaming on Max.


Gar finally wakes up to find Cliff, Vic, and Larry who tell him that he’s been asleep for 3 days. None of them know why they’re there but there doesn’t seem to be a way out of this alternate dimension that looks like Doom Mansion.

Conner convinces Sebastian that May is only focused on bringing back Trigon and doesn’t care about him. Conner says that he can give Sebastian what he wants, allowing him to fulfill his dreams of creating a game that unites the world.

Sebastian stands up to May and then uses his powers to burn her alive. Conner then goes on the news to announce that he’s taking over LexCorp with Sebastian by his side.

Dick and Kory want Rachel to stand down while they deal with Sebastian because of their connection to each other and she’s not happy about that. She says that there’s no way they could sever that connection which gives Dick an idea.

Kory says she’ll figure out a way to deal with Conner and Sebastian but as she walks through the door, she enters the dimension with Gar and the others.

Dick contacts a friend who tells him about a black magic ritual that will help destroy the darkness within Rachel. Sebastian is given all the tools to produce his new game and he adds in a little bit of hell magic as well.

While Sebastian is occupied, Conner tries to destroy the horn but has no such luck. Mercy tells him that he’s got no way of defeating the magic but she might have a possibility.

Gar tells Kory about everything that he went to and suggests that Kory is there to find some sort of balance just like him. The black magic ritual is carried out by an old witch named Helena and it creates a physical manifestation of Rachel’s darkness.

Dick is given a hilt with no blade with which to kill the creature and Helena explains that the blade will be created by his love for Rachel.

Sebastian’s game is an instant hit worldwide but everyone who plays it gives Sebastian power as they drop into a coma. Bernard is one of them as he was checking the game out and Tim figures out what’s behind it all.

As they’re messing around, Larry finds a way out and Kory and Gar return to S.T.A.R Labs. They stand by Tim as he looks for a way to destroy the game from within. Conner realizes what is happening and creates a backdoor in the server to help them in.

Dick finally kills the manifestation as Tim destroys the game, stripping Sebastian of much of his power and Conner pretends to console him.

May gets up in the morgue and calls out to Sebastian, reminding him that he’s nothing without Trigon’s powers as the horn lays before him enticingly.


  • Titans appears to be hurtling along to the end and while the writers have mentioned that they have crafted the best story to conclude this journey, it all still feels a little disjointed.
  • Kory shows up in the Red and Gar suggests that she needs to find balance. A little while later, she does just that while fooling around with three-fifths of the Doom Patrol and then has to explain to Gar and the audience in an unspectacular moment.
  • Conner’s drift to potential supervillain or hero in disguise is intriguing but it doesn’t always hit the right notes. Joshua Orpin does his best but the character comes across as unbearable at times.
  • Fans of the series will probably sit through this episode just as they have for most of the season since it is the final one and with two episodes to go, it will be interesting to see how things wrap up.
Titans season 4 episode 10 recap & review: Game Over 1

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