Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 1 recap & review: It Is What It Is

In the first episode of the new season of ‘Tokyo Revengers’, Takemichi realizes that Toman has changed for the worse and that he must go back in time to make things right. The episode is now streaming on Hulu.


Kisaki holds a weeping Takemichi at gunpoint and tells him that he will be joining Chifuyu soon. Kisaki calls him his hero, but before he could shoot him, the lights go out.

Kazutora, who is now out of prison, rescues Takemichi but precedes to beat him up, stating that this is how Toman has been treating women on the streets. Kazutora wanted to save Chifuyu, not Takemichi, but he failed.

After getting released from prison, Kazutora was told by Chifuyu that Toman has turned into a criminal gang; they have no ethics, but they are so powerful that the police cannot control them.

In this timeline, Takemichi is also depraved. Draken ends up on death row, and Mikey has disappeared. Toman has grown, but it is involved in illegal activities like prostitution, gambling, drugs, murders, and more.

Kazutora reminds Takemichi of the Toman they all dreamed of and the Toman that Takemichi loved. They join hands to bring back the old Toman and Mikey.

Kazutora tells Takemichi that Mikey changed, and that caused Toman to change as well. Mitsuya went missing a month ago. Mikey, who had sent for Mitsuya, has not been seen since then. 

They realize that Mikey has started getting the old members of Toman killed, as he does not trust them anymore. Kisaki is merely following orders, and Mikey is the one who is truly evil.

According to Kazutora, the remnants of Black Dragon, an old biker gang, joined Toman. They were able to make loads of money, but it changed Mikey.

Naoto had approached Chifuyu and Kazutora, seeking revenge for Hinata’s death. The two had been secretly helping Naoto since then. 

Kisaki had ordered her death, but it could not be proved as he had an alibi. However, Chifuyu had proof against him, and that is why he was killed. 

Kazutora takes Takemichi to meet Naoto, who arrests Takemichi for instigating murder. At the police station, Naoto shows him videos taken by Chifuyu that prove that Takemichi was asked by Kisaki to order a woman’s death. Takemichi did not know that the woman was Hinata.

However, Chifuyu was protecting Takemichi by hiding these videos from Naoto. Takemichi is left shaken by the knowledge that he is responsible for Hinata’s death.

Takemichi wants to give up, but Naoto insists that he is the only one who can change Toman and save Hinata. He points out that no matter how many times Takemichi goes back, Kisaki always ends up getting Hinata killed.

Naoto sends Takemichi back in time to find out what happened between him and Kisaki in the past for Kisaki to be obsessed with him and Hinata.

Takemichi vows to drive the members of Black Dragon and Kisaki out of Toman to prevent Mikey’s corruption and Hinata’s death.

He travels back in time and finds himself bowling with Hinata. As he gets a strike, he sees the person playing next to him also getting one. 


  • The first episode of the new season does not disappoint, as it is full of twists and turns. The hero becomes the villain in this episode, and the unpredictability of it leaves the viewers thoroughly surprised.
  • The timeline in this episode depicts a different reality, which is extremely interesting. It makes the viewers look forward to the upcoming episodes and the appearances of the members of Black Dragon with anticipation.
  • The episode also introduced a new angle to the mystery of Hinata’s death. While this gives a sense of purpose to Takemichi, it leaves the viewers with several questions regarding Kisaki and Takemichi’s past.
  • The episode is high on drama and emotions. The shock and sadness of the protagonist move the viewers; the moment Takemichi realizes that all his efforts led to him killing the person he wanted to save more than anything is heartbreaking.
Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 1
Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 1 recap & review: It Is What It Is 1

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