Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 2 recap & review: Gotta Go

The second episode of the second season of Tokyo Revengers introduces Hakkai Shiba and his brother, Taiju Shiba, the leader of Black Dragon. The episode is now streaming on Hulu.


The person bowling next to Takemichi looks familiar to him; he is Hakkai Shiba, the vice-captain of the second division of Toman. Takemichi realizes that he has seen him in the future and that he was a member of Black Dragon.

Kazutora had told Takemichi that Hakkai killed the last leader of Black Dragon for money to become the 11th leader.

When Hinata compliments Hakkai, Takemichi starts competing with him. Takemichi is good, but he is not as good as Hakkai, who is faster and stronger than him. Meanwhile, the girl who had accompanied Hakkai starts sharing snacks with Hinata.

Takemichi and Hakkai compete in various games, and Hakkai wins every single one of them. Hakkai declares that Takemichi is his brother from now on and invites him to his place.

The girl with Hakkai reveals that she is his older sister, Yuzuha. She observes that Takemichi is a weak fighter and asks him about how he became a captain. Hakkai could easily outrank him, but he has no interest in doing so.

Just thinking about leadership gives Hakkai a headache. He declares that with leadership comes restrictions, and he likes to be free. Takemichi wonders what happens in the next 12 years to make Hakkai kill a leader and become one himself.

Yuzuha tells Takemichi that Mitsuya is like an older brother to Takemichi. He refers to him by his first name and loves him so much that his lock screen is a photo of Mitsuya.

This makes Takemichi think that in the future, Hakkai’s Black Dragon, along with Kisaki, ends up purging the old Toman members, including Mitsuya, who goes missing. The person that he met in the future was very different from this Hakkai.

Takemichi and Hinata accompany the Shiba siblings to their house. However, they find the Black Dragon gang there, and Hakkai asks Takemichi to leave.

Takemichi recognizes one of the members he met in the future — Hajime Kokonoi, the current elite guard captain of Black Dragon.

When the gang members realize that Takemichi is the captain of Toman’s First Division, they threaten to kill him for stepping on their turf. Seishu Inui, the tenth-generation Black Dragon commandos captain, orders the gang members to kill Takemichi. 

Hakkai asks the gang members to back off and not touch Takemichi, who is his friend. When a member disrespects him, he punches him and threatens the whole gang. 

He apologizes to Takemichi for getting him involved and tells him that Taiju Shiba, the leader of Black Dragon, is his older brother. When Inui threatens Takemichi, Yuzuha kicks him in the head and warns him to stay away from her brother.

Inui wants to kill all four of them, and Takemichi realizes just how different this gang is from Toman. Yuzuha asks Takemichi to take Hinata and leave; this is their problem to handle.

Before the two could leave, Takemichi is taken down by Taiju. The whole gang that had been acting rowdy until now bows down to him and stands in order. Taiju starts beating Takemichi with brute force. 

He accuses his brother of bringing an outsider to their home after finding out that Takemichi is from Toman. He orders a scared Hakkai to beat Takemichi to death.


  • This episode mainly focuses on introducing new characters, which takes priority over the plot, but the show managed to make the episode compelling with all kinds of characters.
  • The stark contrast between the Hakkai from the future and the friendly Hakkai in the present creates a mystery about the future events that would change him. The episode also established that Hakkai is definitely more than just a carefree character when he defends Takemichi.
  • Out of all the new characters, the most interesting character has to be Taiju, the leader that kills first and asks questions later. Humming songs while beating people followed by his manic laughter shrouds him in a dangerous aura; even his siblings fear him.
Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 2
Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 2 recap & review: Gotta Go 1

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