Trolley episode 3 recap & review: The Blame

‘Trolley’ episode 3 sees the family deal with a grim development related to Joong-Do’s recent political actions while Hye-Joo tries to get closer to Soo-Bin.


Seung-Kyun commits suicide before the police can detain him, leaving a note wherein he calls Joong-Do a murderer. The news eventually reaches Joong-Do’s office and while it comes as a great shock to him, his team gets on working to contend with the oncoming media response.

Thankfully for Joong-Do’s career, most of the public favour him, with the general consensus being that Seung-Kyun deserved the grim fate for doing what he did. However, it exacts a heavy toll on Joong-Do and worries Hye-Joo, who learns of it as well.

Meanwhile, Hye-Joo and Soo-Bin bond a little before heading out to for the latter’s drug test. Soo-Bin takes an interest in what Hye-Joo does for work, and later goes for the drug test.

She’s also frequently alarmed whenever she’s alone in a street, looking with worry and caution at strangers, evidently fearing for a certain someone who might be threatening her for something.

Woo-Jae, meanwhile, works hard to assist Joong-Do in his speech and lends him his coat when the Assemblyman’s coat gets ruined by the egg that Seung-kyun’s mother throws at him. It’s too much for Joong-Do, who can’t cope with the fact that he drove a man to suicide.

Joong-Do goes to meet Hye-Joo who tries to comfort him a bit as she embraces him, thinking back on the days when they met and fell in love. She also reminisces how she’s never doubted her husband’s heart towards others.

Meanwhile, a new subplot involves a woman named Ki-Yong and her estranged mother who she’s come to Yongsan to meet. Her old mother seems to have a bitter history with Hye-Joo.


  • ‘Trolley’ episode 3 reveals why the title of the series is what it is, and it has to do with the classic ethical dilemma called the “Trolley problem.”
  • The episode sets up and reveals what the ultimate plot point of the show is going to be, with most probably a moral philosophy quandary playing a huge role in the development of characters and story.
  • The episode does a great job showing the turmoil within a household that deals with the repercussions of familial as well as political crises.
Trolley episode 3
Trolley episode 3 recap & review: The Blame 1

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