Trolley season 1 episode 13 recap & review: Infidelity

Trolley season 1 episode 13 sees Hye-Joo confront Joong-Do about his inconsistencies and lies while Seung-Hee smears Hye-Joo online.


Joong-Do returns home where his wife confronts him about the lies he’s been telling her. He finally confesses that he met Ji-Hoon before his death, but because their son had gotten into a problem after getting drunk, he withheld the information about their meeting from his wife.

Seung-Hee posts about Hye-Joo and how she drove her brother to suicide after her fake allegations. Choi Ki-Young asks Lee Yoo-Sin to tell her daughter the truth and apologize to Hye-Joo, but she refuses to do so.

Seung-Hee finds out that her husband met Hye-Joo and that her mother had stumbled upon them before the accident. She confronts him about it and ends up siding with her mother, who fills her ears further and accuses Ki-Young of exposing their land deal secrets.

Joong-Do asks Hye-Joo to make a TV appearance, which she initially denies but after Yoon-Seo herself doesn’t believe her mother regarding her sexual assault, Hye-Joo agrees to appear on television.

Before that, though, she is met by Soo-Bin again, who tells her that her husband is having an affair with Yeo-Jin and that he might very well have killed Ji-Hoon.

Meanwhile, Assemblyman Kang proposes to Woo Jin-Seok that her party drops rallying for Joong-Do’s bill, and in exchange, he assures that ten other welfare bills of their party will be lent support by his party.


  • Trolley episode 13 drops a shocker about Joong-Do which has been hinted at for quite a number of episodes. However, it’s not a complete picture, which has been the case for almost all significant plot developments and twists.
  • This repeats the one folly that Trolley has been indulging in since the very start, wherein information is deliberately withheld and kept from the viewer to create suspense, while the titular dilemma remains to be truly contended with by the central characters.
  • There is certainly more to Joong-Do and Yeo-Jin’s alleged affair which remains to be seen. What Hye-Joo will do next will be the center of attention for the viewers as well as Joong-Do and the public.
Trolley season 1 episode 13
Trolley season 1 episode 13 recap & review: Infidelity 1

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