Truth Be Told season 3 episode 4 recap & review: Never Take Your Eyes Off Her

The fourth episode of Truth Be Told season 3 sees Poppy, Aames, Eva, Markus, and the Capstones searching for Trini. It seems like Aubrey has been grooming her all this time. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Markus calls Aubrey’s house and learns that he is missing too. Aames questions Markus if Trini has ever left like this before without telling them. Markus admits that she did go with Aubrey in a car a couple of months ago to a mall.

The revelation worries Poppy, who likes to believe that this might be something more. Aubrey has known Trey for a while. There is a chance that he is taking her to Trey at the moment, and maybe Aubrey has groomed her.

Markus and Zarina defend their daughter, claiming that she is smart. Poppy just doesn’t want Trini to end up like Drea.

Poppy asks Markus and Zarina to search her room and do some digging to find something related to Aubrey. In the meantime, Poppy looks into Aubrey’s locker with a little help from Eva.

Poppy and Eva discover expensive things inside Aubrey’s locker, while Markus and Zarina come across similar gifts in Trini’s room. These are all signs that suggest Trini was being groomed by Aubrey.

Poppy, Zarina, and Markus also find pictures of Trini, wearing expensive clothes, hidden inside a box. In the evening, Poppy rallies the Capstones and instructs them where they should look for Trini.

The next day, Poppy pitches Zarina and Markus to give Trini the Emily Mills treatment. Her story needs media coverage if they want her to be found.

Zarina is strictly against this idea, as this will ruin Trini’s career and life, but this is the only way to get to Trini faster. Poppy then presents the idea of using an alternate name for Aubrey, assuming that he might also be trying to get out of this situation.

Poppy mentions his chain in the podcast to let him know that she is talking to him. A glance at Aubrey’s social media accounts results in Poppy finding a picture of Aubrey with a student named Cooper, who is wearing the same chain as Aubrey.

Poppy directs Aames to find out who sells these chains, while she and Eva will look for Cooper and see if he talks. Amidst all of this heat, Desiree reveals to Poppy that she is not pregnant; she has gotten her period.

Poppy is also visited by Ezra from Boistrus Media. He is behind the latest season of Poppy’s show. He tells her about the research they have pulled off, involving the camp where Trey and Aubrey worked together.

Ezra wants Poppy to not pull the punches, and if Trini is involved in this case, then take her name, as it will bring more listeners to the podcast.

Though a pregnant Zarina is advised by her doctor to not take stress, Markus and Zarina still end up butting heads back at home. They blame each other for losing Trini. Poppy later stops by to comfort Zarina.

Eva and Poppy meet Cooper and learn that he did work for Trey. Initially, Trey was good to them and took them under his wing. He got Aubrey hooked on music. Soon they realized that all that niceness was just for show.

Trey later told them that they owe him money. This whole thing was just to get them working for him.

Trey forced them to get high school girls to fall in love with them to the point where they can make these girls do things for them. For starters, allow the boys to shoot them while they get intimate.

These videos were just audition tapes. Trey later picked girls out of these videos and sent them to someone Cooper doesn’t know. Cooper also tells them that Trey and the boys took these girls to a recording studio he doesn’t know about.

After talking to Cooper, Poppy and Eva call Aames to see what he has found. It turns out that the chains Aubrey and Cooper were wearing were bought by Alicia Rodriguez, who works for Andrew Finney and is also Eva’s date.

Meanwhile, Shreve Scoville visits an event where Andrew Finney is going to give a speech. He cuts in line and joins the stage to tell everyone about Trini and the help they need. Lee is then forced to help him with the Quester alerts.

Eva visits the event too, looking for Alicia, who doesn’t show up because she is not feeling well. Over text, she claims that she bought those chains for Finney; he was going to donate them to someone.

Back home, Poppy looks at Finney’s picture and notices the blue ascot he is wearing, which has polka dots on it. Earlier, Eva told her that her trafficker wore this.

Eva shows up at Poppy’s house, admitting that Finney is her trafficker, and to this day, he hasn’t stopped trafficking young girls. Eva sleeps at Poppy’s for the night.

Trini, on the other hand, enjoys her time with Aubrey until she sees Aubrey being confronted by Trey in a recording room. Aubrey comes out and forces Trini to wear clothes he has brought for her.

He asks her to do so if she loves him. She denies doing that and tells him to take her back home. Trey comes out and gives them a threatening look.

The Quester alerts work. A gas station clerk in West Oakland informs Shreve that he saw Aubrey buying some snacks for a girl in his car. Shreve sends Poppy the coordinates, and she searches for recording studios near that location.

Markus and Poppy break into the studio and find Trey running away. Aames and his partner arrive seconds later. They circle the studio. Trey manages to trick Markus but ends up getting caught by Aames’ partner.

Aames’ partner shoots him dead. He claims that Trey pointed a gun at him. Now, Trey, the only person who knows where Trini and Aubrey are, is dead.


  • A thrilling episode filled with developments and shocking revelations. First, the show managed to hint that Aubrey might not be working with Trey. Even if he is, it seemed like Trini had just started falling for him, but it turns out that Aubrey has been grooming her for a while now.
  • Andrew Finney being Eva’s trafficker is another big surprise. The show brilliantly tied his arc to the main plot.
  • Finally, the viewers can now actually believe in Eva. All this while, she worked alone and looked shady. Now, her story makes sense. She is just trying to do the right thing and save girls from people like Finney.
  • The show could’ve done better with the ending of the episode. The way the final few minutes play out, it becomes obvious that Trey is going to die here and bring Poppy’s investigation back to square one.
Truth Be Told season 3 episode 4
Truth Be Told season 3 episode 4 recap & review: Never Take Your Eyes Off Her 1

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