Tulsa King season 1 episode 7 recap & review: War Acres

In episode 7 of Tulsa King, Dwight learns something new about one of his partners and things change within the Invernizzi family. The episode is streaming on Paramount+.


Dwight and Mitch bury Carson’s body after taking off his Macadams jacket. While Mitch packs it up to send back to Caolan, Dwight gets a call from Tina informing him about the attack on her husband, Emory.

Pete and Chickie get a favourable call from the doctor telling Pete that his health is progressing well. Tyson and Armand pick up Goodie at the train station and Goodie is surprised to see Armand there. He also clocks the ring on Tyson’s finger gifted by Dwight.

Caolan cannot get through to Carson when Roxy walks in with a box left outside the bar. They find Carson’s jacket covered in blood and bullet holes, letting them know that he was killed.

Bodhi goes back to his dispensary which is in a mess after the FBI raid. He takes out a hidden USB drive to check something on his laptop.

Roxy calls Stacy and tells her that Carson was most probably killed by Dwight. Goodie arrives at the bar and the first thing Dwight asks is if Chickie or Vince had something to do with the attack on Emory but Goodie pleads innocence.

Stacy meets with Roxy later on and asks her to try and get at least some piece of incriminating evidence to keep up her end of the deal with the ATF. Goodie calls Pete and Chickie to update them on what Dwight has been doing in Tulsa.

He talks about the various businesses that Dwight has got running and he also lets them know that Tyson has the ring that was originally gifted to Dwight by Pete, which seems to anger Pete.

Stacy goes to Dwight’s apartment in a drunken state and asks him if he killed Carson Pike. She’s also angry and she tells Dwight that he has ruined her life.

Tina gets another threatening phone call with someone breathing heavily on the other end. Roxy sneaks into Caolan’s office to get his laptop but Caolan shows up as she’s trying to find information on it.

He talks sweetly to her before choking her to death. Stacy waits for her at the diner the next morning and when she calls her, Caolan answers and tells Stacy says that she’s contacted hell itself.

Dwight is at the ranch to check up on Pilot and Margaret walks up to them and asks Dwight if she can buy him dinner. After the ranch, he visits Bodhi and pitches the idea of opening a casino at the back of Mitch’s bar with Bodhi as a joint partner.

Bodhi asks Dwight if he has knowledge about NFTs and cryptocurrency and Dwight says that doesn’t trust it. Bodhi says that he robs people who deal in crypto and then reveals his laptop screen indicating that he has stolen millions of dollars.

Chickie is paying his respects at the church when the priest walks up to him. He talks to the priest about how difficult his life has been as Pete’s son and how he resents him so much.

Tina asks Emory how he feels about moving to Tulsa and he says that they’ll be fine in New York. She’s still worried but she agrees with her husband.

Chickie is helping his father have a bath and Pete continues to put Chickie down. Chickie gets frustrated and drowns Pete in the tub. Dwight has a very nice dinner with Margaret as they get to know each other better.

At his father’s funeral, Chickie tells Vince that it’s time to get their family back on track. Goodie is waiting for Dwight at the bar to tell him that Pete passed away.


  • Bodhi’s reveal that he’s a criminal as well is a big high point of the episode and makes Martin Starr’s character all the more interesting.
  • Caolan’s threat is also established in this episode as he coldly toys with Roxy before killing her and then fearlessly threatens Stacy on the phone. Andrea Savage captures the fear of that perfectly on the other end.
  • The episode doesn’t feel all that intense despite several key moments and seems much like a filler episode compared to the preceding ones.
Tulsa King season 1 episode 7
Tulsa King season 1 episode 7 recap & review: War Acres 1

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