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我的女友要上天 – My Girlfriend Wants Heaven
“My Girlfriend Wants Heaven” is a 2018 mainland TV series starring Zhang Sifan, Qi Long, Lin Xiaoyang, and Wei Xiaoya.

Synopsis: The play tells the story of the daughter of the sculptor Daojiu Jiujiu who seeks Chunyang in the world in order to resolve the grievances of Yutian for a thousand years.

In the parallel world where people, demon and immortals coexist, an altar millennium daughter demon demon and wine jars, respectively, will become young girls and nine-year-old Tan Tantan, who will rise to immortality. The Shengxian Authority responsible for the cosmopolitan coordinating and promotion of the splendid co-ordination task assigned to both men and women must find a qualified man of the human race to complete the wedding ceremony with Jiujiu in one hundred days and resolve the grievances in the body. The two parties can become immortal. This person is a fairytale boy of the fairy sham school, and high cooling is a person who hates wine very much and is allergic to wine. Wine Jiujiu and Tan Tantan were mixed into the Academy. On the first day, he mistakenly hit and destroyed the important statue of the Xiantan Boys School and created a huge mess. A funny story of love and love is unfolding.

《我的女友要上天》由 張思帆、虞朗、林昕陽、魏小也 主演的2018年大陸電視劇。



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