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“Talking Bones” is a 2018 mainland drama starring Zhang Lingxin, Gao Ren, Cai Yida and Zhang Jiading.
Synopsis: The story is based on the real case of Wang Xuemei, China’s chief female forensic physician, who had experienced it for 30 years.
A non-conventional special case group composed of picky group chiefs, long-successful, professional female forensic summer firefly, Li Xuekai, an expert in the identification of traces of lump oil, Song Mi, a natural dwelling information analyst, and Yingming, a rich second-generation mentalist. The various “unreliable” people in the bureau, through their concerted efforts, have uncovered a variety of bizarre homicides. They have seized three or four cities that have fled in an attempt to create accidents and are extremely vicious serial killers. After becoming a famous player in the World War I, the special case team successively uncovered the corpse case of Nanshan Park, the bizarre extermination and the capture of the brother killer who had a strong anti-investigative awareness.

《骨語》由 張齡心、高仁、蔡宜達、張家鼎 主演的2018年大陸電視劇。



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