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“Qing Shi Ming Yue” is a TV series adapted from Chinese martial arts animation “Qing Shi Ming Yue” and starred by Lu Yi, Chen Yuxi, Jiang Jinfu, Hu Bingqing and Sun Yizhou. “Qing Shi Ming Yue” is the beginning of Qin Shi Huang’s annexation of the Six Kingdoms. The forces of each side co-exist as a historical background. They tell about the story of the growth of Jing Tianzi’s son Jing Tianming, Mo Gao’s daughter Gao Yue and Chu Guo Shao Shao Yu Shao Yu. , friendship, love, historical missions and rivers and lakes chivalrous.

The Legend of Qin 《秦時明月》是一部根據中國武俠動畫《秦時明月》改編的電視劇,由陸毅、陳妍希、蔣勁夫、胡冰卿、孫藝洲等聯袂主演。《秦時明月》以秦始皇兼併六國之初,各方勢力並存為歷史背景,講述荊軻之子荊天明、墨家鉅子之女高月與楚國少主項少羽三位少年的成長故事,兼容親情、友情、愛情、歷史使命與江湖俠義。

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