Willow season 1 episode 8 recap & review: Children of the Wyrm

In the season finale of Willow, Elora and her allies face the Crone in the final battle to push back against the Wyrm and save the world. The episode is streaming on Disney+.


Kit and Elora face Airk as the Gales cover their exit. Airk approaches his sister and his lover and tells them that the Crone showed him the truth and they should listen to her as well.

Elora and Kit are apprehensive but they don’t have too many options so they agree to see what the Crone has to offer and walk into the temple. Lili, the from that the Crone has taken shows up and tells them that all they need to do is walk past the well and they will be given a choice.

At the edge of the Shattered Sea, Jade and Graydon are about to jump off the edge when Willow and Boorman stop them. Willow says that it is possible that Kit and Elora were meant to go alone.

Jade says that she loves Kit and when you’re in love with someone, you do everything you can to protect them and she jumps off. Graydon decides to jump as well and before he does, Willow says that he’s proud of him and that he’s on his way to becoming a great sorcerer and greater man.

Boorman jokes about the lonely journey they will take back home and Willow tells him to drop the act. He knows that Boorman is loyal and will be there for his friends when they need him and Boorman accepts it before jumping off as well.

After much consideration, Elora and Kit walk past the veil and trust that they will make the right decision. They find themselves in a lush grove and Sorsha approaches them. She takes Kit away as Airk pulls Elora in another direction.

Graydon, Jade, and Boorman approach the Immemorial City and see a giant sandstorm slowly engulfing it. They realize that they need to make it inside as soon as possible.

Sorsha tells Kit that she was mistaken to get her married and force her to live up to others’ expectations of her. She says that if she wants to go back and live a life of adventure with whomever she wants, she just needs to drink the liquid and choose the Wyrm.

Kit suddenly hears her father’s voice call out to her. He tells her that she’s better than him in many ways and he believes that she will make the right choice, which is to sometimes sacrifice what one wants for what one believes in.

Elora chats with Airk about her magical abilities and he manipulates her emotions about being Elora Danan, the hope of the entire world and its people. He tells her that the Wyrm can change everything and send them back to the day before he was taken so they can get married and forget about everything she has gone through.

Boorman, Jade, Graydon reach the temple door but before Graydon can open it, the storm reaches them and they turn to stone. Kit snaps out of her trance but when she looks for Elora, she finds Lili who says that Elora made the right choice before turning Kit to stone as well.

Elora is walking down the aisle to get married but just before she seals the deal with a kiss, she backs out. Lili tells her that her refusal will mean the death of everyone else in the world but Willow shows up to say that she isn’t alone.

He brings them out of the illusion and all those who were turned to stone become normal. A fight breaks out and Lili goes back to being her grotesque original form as the Crone.

Elora attacks the Crone with Cherlindrea’s wand but Airk jumps in between and gets knocked back along with the wand. Graydon picks it up and attacks the Crone with two wands but isn’t able to hurt her.

She takes the wand and breaks it, telling Elora that this is the perfect opportunity for her to convince Elora to join her and she banishes Graydon beyond the veil. When Elora goes after him, she only sees a barren hellscape.

She manifests magic from her own hands and blasts the Crone away. An almighty battle begins between the two sorceresses as Willow keeps other foot soldiers at bay. Boorman puts the cuirass on Kit and tells her that she is the one to protect Elora.

Just as Elora is feeling beaten by the Crone’s strength, Willow speaks to her and tells her that she just needs to believe in all her victories and failures and accept herself for who she is.

Elora strikes the Crone with one final blow and Airk rushes to the Crone’s side. She tells him that he is the harbinger now and can accomplish great things as king before kissing him.

Airk turns around to reveal a hideous face and is about to strike Elora when Kit blocks him. The lux arcana activated the Khymerian cuirass, turning it into a majestic suit of armor that covers every inch of Kit.

She goes to battle with Airk and manages to knock him down but before she can kill him, Elora stops her and says that love is the most powerful force in the world.

Willow breaks his staff and gives her the stone powering it. He tells her to talk to Airk and if he can hear her voice, he can find his way back to them. Airk comes back and everyone breathes a sigh of relief.

Boorman hands Elora Graydon’s flute as she insists that she will let everyone know of his sacrifice. Jade suggests they go back and kill the Wyrm but Willow says that they should prepare because it will come after them with even more rage now.

For a moment, Elora seems to be enthralled by something within the temple but is distracted when Kit calls her back. Graydon wakes up on a battlefield much like Willow’s vision and sees the Wyrm in Elora’s form.

It tells him that it needs someone by his side while it sits at the head of all the tables and rules all the kingdoms before revealing a massive army of terrifying creatures.


  • The initial encounter between Kit, Elora, and Airk plays out in a similar tone to the rest of the series in that it is supposed to be an intense moment and yet there is a tinge of humor as Elora and Kit discuss how they’re going to approach the situation.
  • Once again, the effects depicting the magic in this series are mesmerizing and the final battle between Elora and the Crone is magnificent to behold.
  • The story is slightly predictable as Kit and Elora decide to go against the Crone eventually but Willow’s arrival was slightly less telegraphed because of this.
WIllow season 1 episode 8
Willow season 1 episode 8 recap & review: Children of the Wyrm 1

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