Citadel season 1 episode 3 recap & review: Infinite Shadows

The third episode of Citadel explores Mason and Nadia’s past as they hide at an old safehouse and decide to work together. The episode is now streaming on Prime Video. 


While Mason and Nadia take shelter at an old Citadel safehouse, Bernard gets tortured by Dahlia. As Nadia treats Mason’s bullet wound, she sees his wedding ring and asks him about his wife, Abby.

In return, Mason asks her about the nature of their relationship in the past because after losing his memories, he could not even remember his own name, but he remembered her. Nadia tells him that they were together for a while, but it was nothing serious.

The scene shifts to ten years ago. In Utah, Mason is told that a syndicate has created a virus, and Mason has to steal it from an impenetrable fortress in the Alborz Mountains. Additionally, their new agent will be assisting him, who turns out to be Nadia.

Nadia’s mother was also a Citadel agent. Nadia joined Citadel five years ago, and she recently joined Tier-One when their director insisted. She helps Mason complete the mission successfully, but the two are anything but friendly to each other.

However, they start sleeping together a few weeks later. Mason asks Nadia if he can trust her, and Nadia replies that he can. When she asks him the same question, he assures her that she can trust him.

Back in the present, Nadia uses the computer at the safe house to text an unknown number. She asks them about the weather and then a package. She also lets them know that Valencia may be compromised and asks them to prepare for contingencies.

Dahlia and Bernard have known each other for a long time since they worked together at the UN. Manticore possesses a Citadel A.I. system, created by Bernard, that tracks uranium levels throughout the world and monitors the whereabouts of all nuclear weapons.

Dahlia wants Bernard to give her the password to it since they have not been able to access it, but he refuses. She even threatens to kill his ex-wife, Joe, and his daughter, Val; she knows where they are, as Manticore has access to every camera in the world.

Meanwhile, Abby tells Joe that she met Mason when she was getting memory therapy, as she was involved in an accident nine years ago that she does not remember because she sustained a traumatic brain injury. 

Dahlia tells Bernard that Manticore caught Carter Spence, a Citadel spy, last year. She then gets his teeth pulled out to get him to reveal the password. When that does not work, she asks Anders Silje to use a device that he created to cut into Bernard’s brain stem and excavate his memories. 

When Anders is about to use his device on him, Bernard tells him that Brielle, the woman he loved, is still alive and that Citadel lied to him. He asks for his phone to prove it to Anders.

At the same time, Mason wants to stay and help Nadia. Initially, she refuses, but when they see Carter Spence’s SOS, Nadia decides to take his help, as she believes that Carter is being held a few miles outside Fez, which is a black site run by a Portuguese crime boss, Balduino Basto. 

She is going to save Carter, and for that, she needs Mason’s help to get close enough to Balduino to hack his phone in order to get the access codes. They travel to Morocco, and Mason meets Balduino. Nadia keeps guiding him throughout the meeting, and she is able to hack his phone.

However, Balduino tells Mason that Nadia was his girlfriend. He also claims that Nadia was the one who betrayed Citadel and gave Manticore whatever they needed to take Citadel down.

Mason manages to get out of there unharmed. Nadia then tells him that Balduino was lying about her being the traitor, but when Mason confronts her about lying to him about their relationship, she refuses to tell him anything.

Anders gets Bernard his phone, and Bernard shows him a picture of Mason’s family. It turns out that Abby is Brielle. Bernard offers to tell Anders everything if he gets him out of there.


  • The first two episodes focused on introducing the characters and the organizations to the audience. Since that is done now, it is safe to say that with this episode, the audience will get invested in the plot.
  • There were a few revelations in this episode that would pique the interest of the audience. These revelations not only make the episode interesting but also keep the audience waiting for the next one.
  • Apart from the revelations, the episode also does a good job of making the audience doubt every character, even the protagonists and their motives.
Citadel season 1 episode 3
Citadel season 1 episode 3 recap & review: Infinite Shadows 1

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