Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 8 recap & review: Chance Becomes Fate through inductive Reasoning

In Crash Course in Romance episode 8, Haeng-Seon suffers from a prick of envy while her romance with Chi-Yeol has still not quite bloomed yet. Meanwhile, Su-a figures out the secret behind Hae-e’s recent academic incline.


Chi-Yeol thinks back on his struggling days while eating at Haeng-Seon’s late mother’s restaurant, the same establishment that became his most prominent source of body fuel during his grind.

While Chi-Yeol surmises that this is the very reason why he has found himself attracted to Haeng-Seon, she is confounded as to why he suddenly became so serious and emotional.

What’s more confounding to her, however, is the gift boxes dropped at her door the next day, along with the surprising news from her new landlord that her rent has been halved.

She eventually learns that Mr. Ji is the new landlord when she spots him closing the deal with the former landlord. However, it’s Chi-Yeol is the new landlord, who has made this overtly generous gesture because of all that Haeng-Seon’s mother did for him.

Su-a figures out that the handwriting that she saw scribbled over the notes that Sun-Jae gave to Hae-e was the same as Chi-Yeol’s. When she asks for his other notes and finds no extra notes with that handwriting, she connects the dots and correctly surmises that those notes didn’t belong to Sun-Jae.

She tells her mother that Hae-e is being tutored by Chi-Yeol and although initially reluctant, Su-Hui confirms these claims when her private investigator sends her the photos of Chi-Yeol coming in and out of Haeng-Seon’s shop.

Meanwhile, Chi-Yeol overhears Yi-Sang conspiring another defamatory post against him, learning that he runs Chiyeolsucks too. Inflicting him with a mean punch, Chi-Yeol warns him to not write anything defamatory about Hae-e or he’ll get sued to hell.

Ms. Jang sets up a GPS tracking app on Hui-Jae’s phone and begins tracking him. At the end of episode 8 of Crash Course in Romance, she tracks him down to the building where Yi-Sang lives.

Haeng-Seon and Yeong-Ju deliver food for Chi-Yeol’s assistants when his date from a few days ago drops by unannounced. This inspires visible jealousy in Haeng-Seon who’s a bit hurt by this, and also upset at Yeon-Ju who’d not stop bothering her about Chi-Yeol being in love with her.

Chi-Yeol can’t do anything but accept his pianist date’s invite to her performance. Earlier than this, Chi-Yeol had thrown a party for Haeng-Seon and the rest of the family, on the occasion of the air condition that she was gifted by none other than himself.

That’s why the intervention of the new woman further rubs her the wrong way, and she indirectly lashes out at Chi-Yeol before sending him off. At the concert, Chi-Yeol is bored out of his mind and instead calls Hae-e who’d asked him how to use the new math app on her new iPad, a gift that he brought and gave to her.

When he overhears on the phone that Haeng-Seon hurt herself, he runs off to her to check up on her. Haeng-Seon starts suspecting Chi-Yeol and his real intentions here.

Meanwhile, Hui-Jae’s location on the app leads Ms. Jang to the residential building where Yi-Sang lives, who’s in the meantime being hunted by who seems to be Hui-Jae (notice the use of “seems” since his supposed killings always show him hidden behind his hoodie), and eventually killed by a metal ball.

Crash Course in Romance ends with Haeng-Seon finally confronting Chi-Yeol about his intentions, also revealing to him that she knows he’s the new landlord. Before she can ask him if he’s romantically into her, the two cuties are interrupted by a caravan of cars, and the Pride Academy moms who get out of them.


  • The biggest draw of Crash Course in Romance remains the dynamic between Haeng-Seon and Chi-Yeol, both of whom are played brilliantly by the two experienced actors, and the chemistry between the two in episode 8 is difficult to not feel giddy about.
  • Haeng-Seon and Chi-Yeol’s romance is nipped before it can bloom, but this can not go on for long since the show has already reached the halfway point, and depriving the fans of the titular genre affair wouldn’t be wise.
  • Hui-Jae’s role in all the killings and attacks thus far continues to seem like red herrings while the real culprit seems to be someone else.
  • While the serial killer and his secret motivations and connection with Chi-Yeol remain an intimidating aspect of Crash Course in Romance, the real terrifying villains of the show are the vicious, relentless wealthy moms who pose the biggest threat to Chi-Yeol currently.
Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 8
Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 8 recap & review: Chance Becomes Fate through inductive Reasoning 1

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