Destined with You season 1 episode 8 recap & review

In the eighth episode of Destined with You, Hong-jo and Sin-yu find out that someone has been stalking and cursing them. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


When Sin-yu kisses Hong-jo, she closes her eyes for a second but then pushes him away. She asks him if he has broken up with Na-yeon and thinks that he is playing with her feelings when he does not answer. Sin-yu asks her whether she has never wavered and felt something for him, and she denies that.

Earlier, when Na-yeon questioned Sin-yu about the pictures that she had received, he did not make any excuses and told her honestly that he was swayed. Instead of breaking up with him, she asked him to end whatever is going on between him and Hong-jo.

Hong-jo regrets closing her eyes when Sin-yu kissed her. She is also angry at Na-yeon for slapping her and asks her to meet her early the next day. She tells Na-yeon about the spell, but she does not tell her about Sin-yu kissing her.

Sin-yu calls Hong-jo to meet him. Hong-jo acts like the kiss was not a big deal, so Sin-yu also pretends that it did not mean anything to him. She then runs into Jae-gyeong, who flirts with her.

Hong-jo goes to a park for some work. She meets a young boy there, and the two of them talk about their love lives. Hong-jo tells the boy that he is in denial about his feelings for a girl, and when she talks about the kiss, he points out that she is also in denial.

Sin-yu asks a friend to track the number from which Na-yeon received the pictures. Hong-jo also thinks about the pictures and worries that someone might be stalking them. Jae-gyeong takes Hong-jo home and invites her to a couple’s gathering. He asks her in a way that leaves her no choice but to go with him. 

Meanwhile, Sin-yu’s father does not show up for the meteor shower because he is busy meeting a celebrity, and his mother has to go to see them alone. There, she runs into Wook, who watches the shower with her. 

She tells him that she has so much love to give, but no one wants it and that makes her upset. Wook also does not have anybody to love him. Sin-yu’s mother gets home late, but her husband does not care that she was out with another man. 

Sin-yu goes to give the wooden box to Eun-wol, as he no longer believes that spells work. He admits that his situation is still as messy as ever. Eun-wol tells him that his and Hong-jo’s destinies cannot be severed, but she knows how to put an end to this mess.

Eun-wol informs Hong-jo, who cannot stop thinking about Sin-yu, about the same. Hong-jo and Sin-yu go to put the box back in its original place. Eun-wol tells them that misfortune will befall them if they do not do that.

Hong-jo and Sin-yu also discuss the issue of being stalked by someone. Hong-jo thinks that the garden owner is the stalker, but Sin-yu also doubts Jae-gyeong. On their way, Hong-jo falls, breaks the box, and finds a book of black magic spells hidden in the box. 

Sin-yu asks her not to pay attention to it, as they are going to bury the box anyway. However, before they can do that, they find a doll of straw hanging from a tree in the place where the box needs to be buried. The doll is donned in Hong-jo’s pajamas that were stolen from her house and has Sin-yu’s name pinned to it.

They report the incident to the police. Hong-jo remembers seeing a similar spell in the new book that they have found, but Sin-yu does not think spells work, so she does not try to find that curse in the book. 

Sin-yu admits to Hong-jo that he is scared for her and gets her to change her passcode. He also buys her things that will keep her safe. He then asks her to go out with him on a fake date to catch their stalker, and she agrees.

They go out the next day, and she tells him about her family, even though she does not talk to strangers about herself. They spend the day together, and Hong-jo asks Sin-yu about the kiss and about what he wants from her. 

Sin-yu tells her that his feelings are still a mess and he cannot control himself when he looks at her. Hong-jo is not friends with Na-yeon, but she does not want to steal her boyfriend, so she asks Sin-yu not to act on his feelings for her.

Sin-yu drops Hong-jo home and ensures her safety. He then waits for Jae-gyeong to come home and asks him questions to find out whether he is the stalker or not. He also asks for Jae-gyeong’s permission to install CCTV outside his house for Hong-jo’s safety, but he refuses.

Sin-yu goes to meet the garden owner and finds straw at his workplace. He asks the garden owner about the straw when he shows up with gardening scissors. The next day, Hong-jo finds out that Sin-yu has taken a sick leave.

Hong-jo goes to check out a site for work. Suddenly, the lights go out, and she is left working alone in the dark. She also notices someone following her and gets scared.


  • The episode ends with a cliffhanger, and it keeps the audience waiting for what is to come next. It also manages to deliver a scene that seems to have come out of a horror film.
  • The show keeps exploring different sides of Sin-yu’s character. He is far from being the perfect hero that one would expect to see in a romance drama. Instead, he seems more human when he is shown to have ordinary fears.
  • It is not just Sin-yu’s heartfelt confession about not having control over his feelings that shows that his feelings are genuine. His small gestures in this episode also reveal his feelings to Hong-jo as well as the audience.
Destined with You season 1 episode 8
Destined with You season 1 episode 8 recap & review 1

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