Doctor Cha season 1 episode 15 recap & review

In Doctor Cha‘s penultimate episode, Jeong-Suk and her loved ones have to contend with the tragic news before her hospitalization. In contrast, In-Ho has to contend with the financial troubles created by his mother.


Jeong-Suk learns from Roy Kim the full picture of how bad her liver condition has gotten. She needs to be hospitalized immediately and get all the tests done. Later, she asks Chief Lim to reinstate her after she’s done with her treatment and recovery.

Meanwhile, Kwak Ae-Sim learns that the money she invested in the hospital has been lost to the scammer Professor Park, who sends her a bogus apology and goodbye message on the call. She later informs In-Ho about this and asks him if Jeong-Suk can help them by selling her building for a lesser price than the market value.

He asks her, but Jeong-Suk refuses to do so, telling him she’ll do with it whatever she wants. Jeong-Suk informs her mother and children about her condition at dinner and they’re all saddened and worried about her. Kwak Ae-Sim plants the idea in In-Ho to ask Seung-Hi for money and get them out of this trouble.

He even asks her to meet later, and at the restaurant, he asks her to invest, but she declines, before informing him about Jeong-Suk’s critical condition. He meets her and says he’s ready to donate his liver if the need arises, she doesn’t want it, though, as it’s already been too late.

Seung-Hi meets Jeong-Suk and apologizes to her. Jeong-Suk wonders how if the events didn’t transpire the way they did, they might have been friends in the present day. Later, In-Ho learns that Roy Kim is also preparing to donate his liver to Jeong-Suk.

Furious, he runs off to confront him and does so at the bike showroom, where Jeong-Suk arrives all dressed up and chooses who she’ll take the liver from. Before that can be revealed, Doctor Cha episode 15 rolls the credits.


  • In-Ho breaks down in tears and hyperventilates at the thought of all that he did to Jeong-Suk that contributed to her current state. However, all his grief and realization seem weak in the midst of his relentless cluelessness about how to treat women more capable and giving than him.
  • Kwak Ae-Sim’s shame also doesn’t know any bounds, and although the mother-son duo isn’t absolutely, irredeemably inhuman in their ignorance and apathy, the fact that their moral compass can function whatsoever makes their actions that much more egregious.
  • Seung-Hi and Jeong-Suk’s meeting is warmer than what they’ve shared thus far but it leaves much more to be desired as Seung-Hi doesn’t say a lot and speak her mind clearly.
Doctor Cha season 1 episode 15
Doctor Cha season 1 episode 15 recap & review 1

Kim Dae-jin, Kim Jung Wook

Date Created:
2023-06-03 20:30

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