Foundation season 2 episode 5 recap & review: The Sighted and the Seen

In Foundation season 2 episode 5, Gaal, Salvor, and Hari land on Ignis while Sareth takes her investigation to Brother Day’s room. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Hari wakes up from sleep and, surprisingly, finds Raych on the ship. Hari thinks he is dreaming, but Raych assures him he is not. A small bump makes Raych disappear.

Hari is still getting used to his body; it is the way it was before he died. Salvor lets Hari and Gaal know that the Foundation has spread all over the Outer Reach. Psychohistory is being sold as magic, and the other Hari is regarded as the prophet.

The group arrives on Ignis, only to crash land. Salvor leaves Hari and Gaal on the ship to hunt for the person who was watching them as they descended onto the planet.

On Trantor, Sareth is not able to access the recordings from Day’s bed chamber; they are off-limits. Sareth thinks she will have to work her way to the bedroom. Rue is a bit concerned about Sareth offering herself.

Brother Day is expecting to get intimate with Sareth. However, he soon realizes Sareth’s intentions. Sareth admits that she joined him in the bedroom to figure out how he survived the assassination attempt, but not because she hired those blind angels.

Sareth says she wanted to know if it is safe for her to live here. She calls out Brother Day for not looking at things from other people’s perspectives. Sareth demands Brother Day vow to make this place safe, and then only she will say yes to marriage.

Once Sareth leaves, Demerzel comforts Brother Day. She assures him there is no trail back to Brother Day that suggests he killed Sareth’s family. Still, Brother Day believes they need to be careful around Sareth.

Meanwhile, Rue cherishes her old memories with Brother Dusk and learns that his memories reside in a Memorium with the rest of his normal audits.

Brother Day’s memories can’t be accessed, but Sareth deduces that they can surely access the memories of someone who attended to his wounds. Markley is able to retrieve the memory of a person who attended to Day after the assassination attempt.

Sareth and Rue play the video and learn that Demerzel is a robot, as she is walking with a cut head.

Amidst all of this, Brother Dusk is concerned that Day has the authority to alter his, Dusk’s, and Dawn’s memories. Dawn and Dusk investigate if he has. When they find no proper answer from Cleon I’s memory, they visit Memorium too.

Brother Dusk and Dawn check the total cataphyls of all Cleon’s memories. The fact that Cleon I has 213 cataphyls makes Dusk worry. Dusk wonders what is missing from their memories, as their cataphyls are low. For now, they can’t do anything until they gain some leverage.

On Ignis, Salvor ends up finding Hugo, who turns out to be an impersonator. Despite Hari’s immense efforts, all three of them are caught and brought in front of Tellem Bond, the seventh bodily incarnation of Pa’a.

She leads Planet Ignis, which is home to people like Salvor and Gaal. They are telepaths of varying abilities and talents. Some people prefer to call them the mentallics.

Bond knows Hari has a plan, and she assumes they are part of it. Hari doesn’t deny it. He also points out that she was the one who appeared as Raych in front of him.

However, Bond has an agenda of her own. After Hari, Gaal, and Salvor are sent away, she indulges in a conversation with one of her people, Loron.

They are aware that Hari is trying hard not to think about Prime Radiant to make sure Bond doesn’t find out about it. All they know is that Hari told Gaal to hide it. Bond is determined to find it and break it. She doesn’t want the Second Foundation to be formed.


  • The fifth episode of Foundation season 2 sees Cleons starting to turn on each other. Sooner or later, Brother Day might not have anyone but Demerzel on his side. There are a lot of mysteries on Trantor, and it offers some really great drama.
  • The show is slow when it comes to the adventure Gaal, Salvor, and Hari are on, and Tellem Bond doesn’t shine as a strong adversary in her introduction. She feels like another temporary obstacle in Gaal, Salvor, and Hari’s path.
  • So far, only Sareth has been able to shine as a strong, competent character. It’s a treat to watch her, as she always finds her way around and is able to stand up to Brother Day.
Foundation season 2 episode 5
Foundation season 2 episode 5 recap & review: The Sighted and the Seen 1

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