High Desert season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Get Judy Off the Bed

In episode 4 of High Desert, Peggy learns more about Guru Bob’s wife’s disappearance and tries to convince Bruce that there’s a good payday coming. The episode is streaming on Apple TV+.


In a flashback, Peggy’s dad is leaving with another woman as she and her family watch on but Peggy makes a scene and leaves her father’s girlfriend with a lasting image.

Cutting back to the present, she’s in her kitchen asking Denny to get out of her mother’s clothes and leave. They go for dinner where she tells him all about her P.I. business and he tells her that there is some silver stashed away in their old house that could bring them a ton of money.

She isn’t interested in breaking into someone else’s house and tells him to sign the divorce papers. The next day, she’s at Bruce’s office still trying to convince him that the reward for Guru Bob’s wife, Donatella, still exists.

He begs her to get an IT guy to help with his systems and she finds a kid at the rehab clinic to help. Carol’s stepdaughter is still being a pain as she snoops on Peggy with a drone but Peggy brings it down.

When she’s returning it, Carol tells her that Donatella was a member of the Gatchi family, a mob family that owned a tanning salon as a front. Peggy visits the salon and meets with Donatella’s brother, Nick, to find out more about her disappearance and the reward.

On her way out, she has a brief interaction with the woman who owns the nail salon next door. She then rejoins Carol with the missing person’s report on Donatella. She starts talking about Ginger and her siblings and Carol tells Peggy to reach out to them.

Peggy calls Diane to Pioneertown so that she can talk to Ginger as a form of therapy but it doesn’t go too well and Diane leaves in a huff. She then gets Ginger to pose as an art buyer for the scam she’s pulling on Guru Bob.

As they’re leaving, Bruce calls her and says that he might have to file for bankruptcy after taking a look at his accounts. Peggy goes to see Denny and says that she’ll help him get the silver since she’s desperate for cash.

She also asks him to dig into Guru Bob for her and find out whether he truly killed his wife.


  • Unfortunately, this is very much a forgettable episode with few things of note happening in it. She makes some progress with her mystery but it feels a lot like a filler episode.
  • Patricia Arquette continues to hold this show up with her performances in what started as a promising story but threatens to turn into a mediocre mystery.
  • The show has such a great cast but isn’t utilizing all of their talents effectively and that’s a shame. Matt Dillon, Rupert Friend, and Brad Garrett, all have had varying amounts of screen time with different results.
High Deseert season 1 episode 4
High Desert season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Get Judy Off the Bed 1

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