King the Land season 1 episode 12 recap & review

In King the Land episode 12, Gu Won and Gu Hwa-Ran engage in a battle for the future of the King Group while the former and Sa-Rang’s relationship witnesses an unexpected development.


No Sang-Sik meets up with Da-Eul and calls over Pyeong-Hwa and Ro-Woon over and heads over to have a party where Gu Won and Sa-Rang are making out passionately.

The confrontation occurs and after the shrieks and gasps, Won and Sa-Rang come out with the truth about their relationship.

Not only that, but they also reveal the true identity of Gu Won, resulting in a new round of gasps and terror, as all three try and apologize to the head manager and their behavior changes dramatically, which Won discourages repeatedly.

At the meeting, Hwa-Ran and her lackeys on the board all side with her in pitching that they should enter contingency management, which is just a way to cut costs and increase short-term profit while depriving the workers of their fair share.

Won opposes it and when neither party budges, Il-Hoon demands from both a report in a week that details their plan for the future.

Assemblyman Park unleashes anger on Hwa-Ran at the dinner table at King the Land, and gets upset by Sa-Rang, asking Hwa-Ran to fire her, which she asks the manager to do.

However, Gu Won arrives and stands for Sa-Rang, teaching Park a lesson in manners which enrages him even more, while also upsetting Ms. Gu.

Later, her colleagues treat her to dinner, following which she and Won share more time together. Meanwhile, she also meets Kim Ok-Ja and learns about Won’s mother.

She later takes him to the beach where she used to come with her mother and shows him a picture of his mother that Ok-Ja provided.

Elsewhere, Hwa-Ran’s husband returns, this time with the divorce paper again, insisting strongly that she signs them all. Meanwhile, her little son Ji-Hu also comes to Korea to meet her, but she asks him to return.

Hwa-Ran also attempts to take No Sang-Sik from Won and make him her mole, and the manager asks her how high he can go career-wise if he helps her.

The episode ends with Sa-Rang getting the news that she’s been accepted into the Dream Team, a group that’s made up of the absolute best concierges in the hotel.

She, along with other Dream Team members is to cater to Gu Won in personal events, and as they arrive at his house, she surprises Won and gets shocked herself as she sees him sitting beside Yu-Ri.

Il-Hoon says his son should marry her soon, causing Sa-Rang to drop the plate and shatter it before the episode rolls the credits.


  • King the Land episode 12 is a whirlwind of new developments across the board and with a few episodes left it is already starting to become obvious that the screen time devoted to all the subplots and supporting characters has been very uneven.
  • No Sang-Sik is an ambitious man but it does seem like a no-brainer that the revelation of his potential backstabbing nature is not going to conclude with him turning out to be one backstabbing man.
  • Sa-Rang’s response to the last moments of the episode does seem understandable but also a bit iffy considering she must also trust Won and also know that his marriage with Yu-Ri only becomes a reality if he agrees to it.
  • Nonetheless, it’s a significant moment that changes the overtly saccharine tone of their relationship thus far by a smidge.
King the Land season 1 episode 12
King the Land season 1 episode 12 recap & review 1

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