King the Land season 1 episode 7 recap & review

King the Land episode 7 sees Sa-Rang and Gu Won grow even closer as the latter makes a move and the two start dating.


Gu Won arrives at Sa-Rang’s door with medicines since he thought she looked sick earlier. He introduces himself as Manager No to Pyeonh-Hwa and Gang Da-Eul, who can’t stop being giddy and giggly over this new courtship at large.

Gu Won and Sa-Rang do laps together after the former suggests that she might be jealous of him hugging that girl at the hotel she thought was his girlfriend. He also clears the misunderstanding and is giddy that Sa-Rang is so jealous and then so reluctant to admit it.

He later holds her hand and even as a shy and blushed Sa-Rang hesitates at first, she likes the intimacy a lot. She also says that she’ll think about finding time for their first date. The next day, Pyeonh-Hwa is again bothered by the pilot, who asks her about her relationship with the young guy (Ro-Wun).

He also threatens her with exposing the skeletons in her closet, with words that seem to suggest that he has dirt on her and that they might have been in some sort of an affair back in the day. Ro-Wun arrives and again saves Pyeong-Hwa from this interaction.

Hwa-Ran organizes a press conference regarding Sa-Rang’s helicopter rescue, in order to boost the image of the hotel in the media. Sa-Rang abides by the false words in the speech she’s given but she can’t not thank Gu Won when she looks at him, and so she does.

Il-Hoon is elated at the news and asks about Arab prince Samir, the 13th richest man on the planet, following which Hwa-Ran throws the responsibility to Gu Won, who eventually accepts it and promises he’ll get the prince to stay at King the Land.

He manages to do so too, as the prince is his old-time friend, albeit with a cheeky enmity between them. Meanwhile, Do Ra-Hee manages to convince the girls at the store to increase profits by 30%, a whole 10% more than their original, achievable goal. Da-Eul protests but Ra-Hee entices other girls with a vacation.

The prince agrees to come to King the Land instead but sends in a contract that has difficult demands. Gu Won accepts and signs the contract. Prince Samir is instantly smitten by Sa-Rang and even gets her to join him for breakfast, as all her colleagues seethe in the background.

Gu Won tries his best to intervene and prevent Samir’s attempts at hitting on Sa-Rang. Later, he asks to visit the palace of Gyeongbokgung Palace and asks Sa-Rang to accompany him, Gu Won tags along as well. There, he asks Sa-Rang to perform the traditional wedding with him.

She hesitates and Gu Won intervenes, declaring that he’s voiding the contract and that Samir should stay elsewhere. Before he can tear up the contract, Sa-Rang stands up and says she’ll entertain Samir’s request. When she arrives at the venue dressed as a bride, she opens her eyes and is shocked to see Gu Won standing as the groom in front of her.


  • King the Land episode 7 is all sorts of adorable and the central couple once again manages to lend largely to all that cuteness.
  • The chemistry between Gu Won and Sa-Rang is truly warm and endearing to watch. The banter is gone, sadly, but their dynamic doesn’t seem to be one that’s amiss of something crucial.
  • The new addition in the form of Anupam Tripathi’s Arab prince Samir feels familiar as Gu Won already has Sang-Sik as a close individual who he can banter with like a sibling. It still makes for an enjoyable dynamic, though.
King the Land season 1 episode 7
King the Land season 1 episode 7 recap & review 1

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