Monarch: Legacy of Monsters season 1 episode 3 recap & review: Secrets & Lies

In Monarch: Legacy of Monsters season 1 episode 3, Lee, Cate, Kentaro, and May search for Hiroshi, while in 1954, Keiko tries to stop the army from killing Godzilla. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Lee, Cate, Kentaro, and May escape the assisted living facility where Lee is staying. Lee and Kentaro are desperate to find Hiroshi, but Cate is not interested in it that much.

She is afraid of what other lies she will discover about her father. Later, Lee explains to her that there is a difference between a secret and a lie.

Lee believes the files Cate and Kentaro have found in Hiroshi’s workplace contain something that Monarch doesn’t want them to see. They need to find out what that is before Monarch does. May has digitized the files; they don’t need to return to her place or rely on the original files.

Lee says they should start finding Hiroshi by going back to Alaska, where he disappeared. The group also learns how much Lee, Keiko, and Billy believed in Monarch and that it lost its way. Hiroshi worked for Monarch too; it is a family business, but Cate sees this as a family curse.

Lee takes the group to South Korea to meet an old friend of his named Du-Ho, who has a vintage plane they can use. Amidst all of this, Tim and his team find out that Lee is in Korea. They continue their hunt.

May finds the path where Hiroshi’s plane disappeared. The group survives the storm and safely lands. They come across the wreckage of a plane. It has a dead body inside; it is not Hiroshi’s. Nearby, there is a tent that suggests someone has been living here and is researching; it could be Hiroshi.

While the group is in the tent, Du-Ho figures out that the other plane landed safely. The body inside is now missing, and the wreckage has a big claw mark. Afraid that there is a MUTO nearby, he alerts the group.

The MUTO attacks and freezes Lee’s friend. Lee and others will have to figure out how they are going to face this snow-breathing MUTO.

In 1954, Keiko, Billy, and Lee seek funding for Monarch. They plan to study MUTOs and understand them, as they can be an existential threat to global security.

They convince Lee’s general by showing him the footprint of a MUTO. However, the general only hears that this creature is a threat. He brings uranium, but in bomb form, to kill this MUTO.

Keiko cries as she watches the general and the military bomb Godzilla. On the bright side, Keiko, Billy, and Lee receive a blank check so that they can find out if more such creatures exist.

Keiko, on her side, doesn’t want another MUTO to die just like that before they can study it. When Lee asks whether she is telling her to lie to his superiors, she says there is a difference between a lie and a secret. The group agrees and starts working together again.


  • Monarch: Legacy of Monsters keeps the pace up. The third episode is largely filler. Yet it is not laborious or dull.
  • The show recreates the 1954 bombing of Godzilla, an event that has been mentioned before in MonsterVerse. Many times, recreation can kill the mystery and mythical elements. However, this scene continues to fascinate viewers.
  • It can be assumed that Monarch: Legacy of Monsters may not have the same amount of monster action that MonsterVerse’s films do. However, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters gives viewers enough to keep them invested and curious about the MUTOs, just like the characters in the series.
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters season 1 episode 3
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters season 1 episode 3 recap & review: Secrets & Lies 1

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