My Demon season 1 episode 5 recap & review: Only You

In the fifth episode of My Demon, when Noh Suk-min gets elected as the acting chairperson, desperation drives Do-hee to find a husband as soon as possible. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


After fighting Choi Deok-ho’s gang with Do-hee, Gu-won realizes that he has started developing feelings for her. A jealous Jin Ga-young suspects that there is something going on between Do-hee and Gu-won, who has not dated anyone in the past 200 years.

Do-hee must find a man to marry, but before looking for someone else, she needs to know whether or not Gu-won has feelings for her. Meanwhile, Gu-won tries to convince himself that he does not like Do-hee.

Do-hee’s arrival at Sunwol Foundation displeases both Jin Ga-young and Gu-won. While Jin Ga-young tries to make her jealous, Gu-won acts rude and refuses to tell Do-hee what is bothering him. 

Noh Suk-min wants the board of directors of the Mirae Group to elect him as the acting chairperson. He had earlier asked them to disband the audit team that Madam Ju had formed. In return, the board members received money from a subcontractor. 

Now, Suk-min threatens to accuse them of accepting bribes for disbanding the audit team if they do not elect him as the acting chairperson. The board members are reluctant to vote for him, but he leaves them no choice.

Suk-min’s son, Noh Do-gyeong, gets into fights and beats people up without thinking about the consequences. His father overlooks all this, even when he comes home covered in the blood of his doctor. 

Do-hee’s attacker is working for someone whose alias is ABRAXAS. He sends ABRAXAS the video of Do-hee and Gu-won beating Choi Deok-ho’s gang, but the video is distorted because of Gu-won’s powers. Apart from Do-hee, the attacker will now be targeting Gu-won as well.

Mr. Park comes to the office to meet Gu-won, and Ms. Shin attacks him, mistaking him for the man who has been trying to kill Do-hee. Amidst the chaos, no one pays attention to the real attacker entering the office in yet another disguise.

When the next board meeting takes place, Suk-min is elected as the acting chairman. Seok-hoon then shows Do-hee the financial statements of the Mirae Group and tells her about an accounting fraud that he has discovered. He promises to keep looking for more evidence.

Do-hee consults a lawyer regarding the fraud and is told that she will need more evidence if she wants to fight Suk-min in court. The lawyer also warns her about the dangers of fighting a powerful man like Suk-min. 

Furthermore, the police have not been able to catch her attacker. Due to that, Do-hee thinks about using herself as bait to lure him out, but no one approves of this idea.

Do-hee then goes on a date with a prosecutor, the man she was supposed to meet on the day she met Gu-won. Although Gu-won has been trying to convince himself that he does not like Do-hee, he gets jealous when he sees her with Seok-hoon or the prosecutor.

Do-hee thinks that it will be easy to go against Suk-min if she marries a prosecutor, so she proposes marriage to him. The prosecutor agrees to marry Do-hee, and they decide to register their marriage that very day, much to Gu-won’s annoyance. 

As his feelings for Do-hee are bothering him, Gu-won does not want to be with her all the time, which is why he is ready to take extreme measures to catch her attacker. He orders Choi Deok-ho’s gang to find the attacker, and when their leader refuses, he almost kills him.

This leads to an argument between Do-hee and Gu-won, who tells Do-hee that she ruined his perfect life. The argument results in Do-hee and Gu-won parting ways; Gu-won will no longer be her bodyguard. 

Do-hee’s attacker then breaks into her house. He hangs her from her balcony with a cloth and slowly cuts the cloth. However, Gu-won comes to her rescue once again and saves her from plummeting to her death. 


  • While this episode didn’t match the entertainment level of the past few, it still had its moments. It surprises the audience by building suspense when Mr. Park visits Do-hee’s workplace, only to conclude the scene on an amusing note.
  • The prosecutor is an overly exaggerated character, and it is Lee Kang-Wook’s portrayal that adds more humor than the character itself.
  • In this episode, Do-hee comes across as a lonely character who is unfairly blamed for many things. Her situation will evoke sympathy from the audience.
My Demon season 1 episode 5
My Demon season 1 episode 5 recap & review: Only You 1

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