Platonic season 1 episode 6 recap & review: The Big Two Six

In the sixth episode of Platonic, Will introduces Sylvia to Peyton. Things get worse when Sylvia employs Peyton moments after she meets her. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Sylvia is finally interviewing for Kirk Friedkin’s job offer. She prepares for the interview and finds it hard to select the right attire for herself. Everything she has seems to be from 2010.

Sylvia goes shopping and finally finds the clothes she would love to wear. However, at the last moment, she notices that she is wearing the same clothes as Germany’s new chancellor and decides to change things a bit.

Anyhow, Sylvia gets the job. Now she has to worry about how she is going to adjust her life. After all, she won’t be home for her kids all the time.

Meanwhile, Peyton is disappointed with Will, who claimed that their relationship is nothing in front of Sylvia. It turns out that Peyton is Omar’s friend, and she knows what went down at the bar when Sylvia and her husband visited.

To make things right, Will wants Sylvia to meet Peyton. Sylvia is in the middle of a lot of things. Her husband is out on a trip, and her mother-in-law could be babysitting her kids as she has a job now.

However, Will doesn’t pay attention to the job part and doesn’t even congratulate her. He just wants her to come and meet Peyton. Though he has gone on very few dates with Peyton, Will thinks she is nice; she is an old soul, and he doesn’t want to lose her.

Sylvia agrees to meet Peyton, considering that Will values her opinion. During their first meeting, Sylvia learns that Peyton is currently babysitting here and there and is looking forward to getting her Master’s in Education to be a teacher.

Sylvia just happens to ask Peyton if she would love to babysit her kids. Peyton accepts the offer and is quite excited. At the same time, Will is not pleased to hear that Sylvia decided to employ her moments after meeting her.

Sylvia avoids going back home early to stall meeting Peyton again. When she finally reaches home, Peyton asks for advice from her. She is throwing a birthday party for herself and wonders if she should have Will meet her friends.

Sylvia tells her that she could just ask Will. Sylvia says Will is still recovering from her divorce. If he says no to merging their worlds, it has nothing to do with Peyton.

An angry Will shows up at Sylvia’s at night. He misunderstood and assumed that Sylvia told Peyton that he is still in love with Audrey and hasn’t moved on yet. Will believes Sylvia is doing all of this because she thinks Peyton is too young for him.

Will and Sylvia argue, and the former leaves to answer to Peyton. Will plans to close his bar to throw a party for Peyton and her friends. At the party, after watching Peyton and her friends dance to Starships by Nicki Minaj, Will gives his relationship with Peyton a second thought.

Will calls himself a cliche and decides to break up with Peyton on her birthday. Will does that at Peyton’s apartment. She claims that what they had doesn’t even deserve a breakup. Will leaves after arguing with her new roommate, Alan, who is 29 but looks like he is in his mid to late 50s.


  • Platonic throws a surprise by ending Peyton and Will’s story quickly after building it up so carefully in the previous episode. Peyton promised several storylines, like how Sylvia’s kids love her. However, someday she had to go, and Platonic just gets rid of her way too early.
  • The sixth episode has more of a serious tone, which a show like Platonic should rarely touch. It is supposed to be a fun show with a lot of jokes about serious and uncomfortable situations. However, the fun element in this episode takes a backseat.
  • The entire episode sees Sylvia and Will fighting over the same topics more than once. It becomes boring, irritating, and completely unnecessary.
  • Only Alan, Peyton’s new roommate, offered something funny to the characters as well as the viewers. Alan’s argument with Will at the end of the episode is the only point where episode 6 was hilarious.
Platonic season 1 episode 6
Platonic season 1 episode 6 recap & review: The Big Two Six 1

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