Rick and Morty season 7 episode 5 recap & review: Unmortricken

Rick and Morty season 7 episode 5 sees Evil Morty return to replenish his peace in the wake of the disturbance caused by Rick going after Rick Prime.


Evil Morty’s backstory reveals that he was the one Morty who finally snapped when Rick’s harmful antiques would not cease. He gets him hooked on alcohol and later alters him to be his servant drone, ultimately getting out of the central finite curve.

His peace outside it is compromised thanks to Rick hunting for Rick Prime. Evil Morty arrives, causing the two to be alarmed. Soon, Rick begins killing the copies of Rick Prime, until Morty kills one that frees a goo that sucks all three of them in.

They’re transported to a cubicle gladiatorial arena where different trapped Ricks must fight to the death. The trio survives and gets out of the cube. Rick Prime is found and he is all giddy to show his diabolical contraption — a device that erases a person throughout universes.

He used that machine to erase Diane from all universes and now he uses it to erase Uncle Slow Mobius. Shattered and enraged, Rick launches an attack and fights Rick Prime alongside Evil Morty, who eventually manages to restrain Rick Prime by himself.

He deactivates Rick Prime’s device and leaves Rick to exact his vengeance, which Rick does with a bloody mess, beating Rick Prime to death. Rick feels absolutely numb after this, though, and Evil Morty’s parting words about not feeling any gratification after the revenge ring true.


  • Rick Prime is surprisingly killed off earlier than one would have anticipated, including perhaps Rick himself. This leaves Rick with an incapacitating void where he’s lost all purpose and goes through the motions with the level of participation of a barely sentient husk.
  • Rick and Morty reaches a prominent milestone with this episode that marks the end of a formidable antagonist and the beginning of a new one — depression, which Rick is going to need all the loved ones’ care to contend with.
  • The episode is quite punchy in that the emotional beats hit really well, right up until the end as Rick turns into a hollow shell of a person, bereft of life and all that life comes with.
Rick and Morty season 7 episode 5
Rick and Morty season 7 episode 5 recap & review: Unmortricken 1

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