Spy x Family season 2 episode 8 recap & review

In the eighth episode of Spy x Family season 2, Yor faces the assassins on board while escorting Olka and her son to the location where the rendezvous ship will come. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Yor, Olka, Olka’s son, and Zeb are headed to Cargo Room Three, where the Director will be present. From there, they will carry out the process of sending Olka and her son on the rendezvous ship.

On their way, an assassin recognizes different smells and identifies Yor, Olka, and Olka’s son. Loid and Anya, on the other hand, will be enjoying the fireworks show.

With possible assassins everywhere, Yor and the group moves quietly by passing over secluded rooftops. A sniper spots them and takes aim at Olka. Yor not only manages to save Olka, but she also attacks the sniper, who luckily dodges Yor’s attack.

Followed by the sniper, all the other assassins show up and gather around Yor, Olka, Olka’s son, and Zeb. Just when Yor is ready to fight them alone, the Director comes to her rescue.

A war begins on the rooftop. Olka, Olka’s son, and Zeb are sent inside a hatch to hide. Yor makes sure no one will be able to get to them by placing a heavy box on the hatch.

The Director wants to end this battle without much bloodshed. However, the assassins are skilled and come with unfamiliar fighting styles, leaving Yor and Director no choice but to go all out.

Yor and Director kill most of the assassins, with a few left. A swordsman starts besting them. Director is taken down, and while battling this swordsman, Yor keeps thinking about her fate and her family.

When one of the assassins offers to share money with Yor if she joins them and says that they both kill for money, Yor wonders if she is like these assassins too.

Yor struggles to remember why she is working as an assassin. Just when Yor is about to give up, she remembers that she is doing this to protect the carefree lives of the likes of her brother, Olka, and her family. Yor fights back, lands a strong kick on the swordsman, and gets back on her feet again.

In the post-credit act, Yuri gets sick while chasing a criminal. He asks his colleague to bring a specific herbal tea. Getting sick takes him back to his childhood.

Yor used to go above and beyond to treat him. Fearing that Yor will get herself killed one day in an attempt to comfort him, Yuri resolves to become sturdy and strong.

A herbal tea made back then by his sister instantly helped him get well. The tea that Yuri asks for in the present also does the same job, as it tastes just like the one Yor had made.


  • Initially, the episode looked like the send-off for this arc, considering how quickly Yor and Director were taking out the assassins. Anyhow, the anime did manage to make the assassins look like a threat, and viewers will find themselves worrying about Yor.
  • The episode is packed with good action, which gets both hilarious and touching. Yor worrying about her day-to-day life and activities while fighting assassins is no different than what a normal person on a regular job will think about.
  • Spy x Family also has a window open for Loid and Anya to join the action in a way that Yor and Loid won’t find out about each other. Having Loid as a surprise would be something to look forward to.
Spy x Family season 2 episode 8
Spy x Family season 2 episode 8 recap & review 1

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