Succession season 4 episode 6 recap & review: Living+

In Succession season 4 episode 6, Kendall prepares for a big presentation at a new product launch on Waystar’s Investor Day.


The Roys have returned the Los Angeles and in the meantime, Matsson tries to create more sparks with Shiv while trying to make her a sort of informant for him. He also talks about the heated exchange that took place between him and her brothers.

Later, Shiv tries to get them to talk and the brothers eventually do talk, telling her that they’re not really big on the deal. Shiv later on has some run-ins with Tom and the two find each other attracted to each other romantically once again.

Tom also apologizes to her and later tries to be truthful about the nature of their relationship and how did it come to the point where he had to pull the betraying move on her. They seem to be vying for each other’s love but the hesitation and boundaries that are always between them, largely thanks to Shiv, are still there from completely bonding them together.

For the Waystar Investor’s Day, Kendall and Roman look to launch Living+, a luxury assisted living that Logan has planned on launching, as part of the physical expansion. Kendall prepares a speech for the investors and gets the projection numbers inflated by a lot.

Watching that gleam in his eyes, Shiv warns Roman to stop him or pay the consequence of whatever mess he ends up getting them both into. Earlier in the episode, Roman goes through a bit of a power trip which seems like one of the aftereffects of his trauma and incomplete grieving.

He fires Joy first, after she can’t get him what he wants from the movie Waystar’s film division is making. Later when Gerri confronts him, he asks her to have more confidence in him before he fires her too. He later expresses his reluctance regarding the presentation to Kendall, but the time has already come.

Meanwhile, Matsson tries time and again to sabotage the presentation, getting Shiv to do his bidding repeatedly. Kendall goes through the speech rather brilliantly, and when Matsson posts an offensive meme on Twitter, Kendall handles that pretty well too.

A successful speech later, the stocks are soaring and eveyone lauds Kendall, who feels like he’s on top of the world, while Shiv is cautious and concerned, and Roman is going through the wringer his father’s passing has resulted in.


  • Succession season 4 episode 6 is a great spiral into Kendall’s chaos, and while everyone around him expects his failure, and the audience most likely anticipates it, Kendall comes out on top for once, managing to deliver a solid speech and selling it with the streched out and made up numbers.
  • Roman seems to be the one truly going through the spiral, though, and the episode’s last moments are sort of disturbing the way he clings on to his father and how Logan’s abuse and mistreatment of him is the only thing that feels like home to him.
  • While Kendall and Roman’s current situations seems to be headed towards a subversive new turn where they meet some inevitable setbacks, Shiv’s condition is peculiarly vulnerable. However, if her recent romantic relapse with Tom is to continue, she might have someone on her side when Matsson does come for her throat.
Succession season 4 episode 6
Succession season 4 episode 6 recap & review: Living+ 1

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