Ted Lasso season 3 episode 2 recap & review: (I Don’t Want to Go to) Chelsea

In the second episode of Ted Lasso season 3, Rebecca attempts to recruit a high-profile player while the team deals with the arrival of a journalist who wants to write a book on them. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Ted arrives at Rebecca’s office and is happy to see Keeley there too, but is more surprised to meet sports journalist Trent Crimm. Rebecca reveals that Crimm is going to follow the team this year to write a book on them.

Rebecca, Keeley, and Leslie have talked to him. As the manager, Ted has the final say on whether or not to allow him to cover them. Rebecca, Keeley, and Leslie signal Ted to say no, but he ends up welcoming Crimm.

Right after that, news breaks out that Zava, a world-class striker, is leaving Juventus. Rebecca, Leslie, and Keeley think about having him on their team. At the same time, they acknowledge that he is very expensive and also a huge diva.

When Rebecca hears that West Ham is looking to secure a deal with Zava too, she quickly changes her mind and aims to recruit him. Crimm wonders if she is doing it just because of her ex-husband. Rebecca doesn’t lie, and she admits that is the reason.

After the meeting, Ted greets Keeley and asks how her own company is now doing. Keeley says she just wishes her co-workers would loosen a little bit. Ted advises her to take her team on a trip outside, just like he does.

Isaac observes Keeley and Roy’s conversation and concludes that they have broken up. Jamie doesn’t believe it. He asks Roy himself, who is frustrated that people have already started talking about it and that they think she dumped her.

The news of Roy and Keeley’s breakup reaches the locker room, leaving everyone in shock. Everyone tries to comfort Roy. The moment he thinks this day can’t get any worse, Crimm walks in, and Roy gets furious. He shouts out loud and orders his team that no one should say a word around Crimm.

Back at Rebecca’s office, Leslie informs Rebecca that Zava is not interested in signing with them. He will be singing with Chelsea, which is good news considering that he won’t go to West Ham. Rebecca says this will only make Rupert want Zava more.

Crimm shares his office with Roy, and the latter gives him the cold shoulder. Meanwhile, Crimm doesn’t get to have a real conversation with the team either because they respect Roy so much that they just go quiet when Crimm is around.

Crimm tries to have a heart-to-heart with Roy, asking for a chance, but Roy stays adamant. AFC Richmond begins their campaign for the next season after a year of absence at the home of Chelsea Football Club. No one is expecting AFC Richmond to stay long.

Roy is showered with love when he enters the stadium. When Keeley feels uncomfortable, Rebecca holds her hand. Following Roy, Zava enters the stadium, and the fans go crazy.

The match begins, and Chelsea easily scores a goal against AFC Richmond. In the seats, Rebecca sees Rupert talking to Zava. She is pretty sure that Rupert will manage to recruit Zava because he is that good of a sweet talker.

Back in the locker room, the team attempts to discuss strategy against Chelsea. Crimm enters, and everyone goes quiet. Though Roy feels proud, Ted reminds him that his ego could cost them the game.

Roy agrees, and he invites Crimm for a conversation. He brings out a piece of newspaper. There is an article where Crimm is criticizing a 17-year-old Roy. To this day, these criticisms have stayed with Roy.

Crimm apologizes, and they both bury the hatchet. Roy allows the team to speak in front of Crimm. A conversation sparks, leading the team to score a goal against Chelsea.

Meanwhile, Rebecca also aims to sweet-talk her way to Zava. Rupert approaches Rebecca before she can meet Zava, who shows up seconds later, and it seems like he will be singing with West Ham.

When Rupert claims that he bought West Ham just because he gets bored of the same old, it infuriates Rebecca. She breaks into the men’s washroom to yell at Zava. She calls him overrated and overpaid.

Rebecca says if he is truly that great, he could have played anywhere, but he chose to play with West Ham because it’s big and shiny. Of course, they will win whether they have him or not, and he will never have to wonder if he truly is that great.

The yelling changes Zava’s mind. He shows up to sign with Chelsea. He doesn’t sign with them or with West Ham. He chooses to sign with AFC Richmond.

At the end of the day, Ted asks Roy how it was coming back to Chelsea. Roy discloses how bad of a player he was when he was with Chelsea, and that made him quit the club. He thinks that he should have stayed and enjoyed instead of quitting out of fear that he would get worse.

Ted asks him to look on the bright side because if he hadn’t left Chelsea, they wouldn’t have met.

Amidst all of this, Keeley fails to connect with her employees and is struggling to understand the business. She faces Barbara’s wrath when Keeley gives her inexperienced friend a position at her company without consulting her.

Keeley and Barbara find common ground when Keeley notices Barbara’s snow globe collection. She asks Barbara to believe in her friend, Shandy, just like everyone once believed in her. Barbara agrees and offers a real position to Shandy.


  • The second episode is packed with light-hearted banter and US vs. UK cultural references. The jokes are on point, but once or twice they are stretched way too far. For example, a Hallmark joke appears that is great but overstays its welcome.
  • The story around Roy and Crimm is predictable. The performances by Brett Goldstein and James Lance make it all work. Crimm being careful around a scary Roy was unexpected. It was great to see that Roy gave up his ego for his team.
  • The 40-minute duration for a show like Ted Lasso is far too long, and it doesn’t give Keeley’s arc in the episode enough time. It comes and goes, and everyone forgets about it quickly.
  • The arrival of Zava is promising. While it’s a win for AFC Richmond, the way everyone calls him a diva suggests he is going to be a difficult person to deal with.
Ted Lasso season 3 episode 2
Ted Lasso season 3 episode 2 recap & review: (I Don't Want to Go to) Chelsea 1

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