Ted Lasso season 3 episode 8 recap & review: We’ll Never Have Paris

The eighth episode of Ted Lasso season 3 sees Ted worrying about Michelle and Dr. Jacob’s trip to Paris while Keeley deals with the leak of one of her private videos. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


AFC Richmond is back on track with a winning streak on its hands. The news channels report that Ted Lasso must be happy and proud of his team. Apparently, that’s not the case.

Michelle and Dr. Jacob, also called Jake, are visiting Ted to drop Henry off. Ted is still not comfortable with Michelle dating Dr. Jacob. He also wonders if his son, Henry, is getting along with his mother’s new friend.

Ted’s concerns are further pushed when Michelle reveals that the couple is not staying. Dr. Jacob is actually taking Michelle to Paris. Ted believes that the only reason a person takes their better half to Paris is to propose to them.

Jack and Keeley are in bed together when the former receives a text from her father. He wants Jack to visit her Uncle Bernie, and Jack intends to take Keeley along. Just then, Keeley receives a notification too.

Private videos of celebrities, politicians, and sports personalities are circling the internet. One of the videos is of Keeley as well. Jack calms Keeley down and lets her know that she will take care of this.

Meanwhile, Nate and Jade ended up spending the night together. Nate is still quite nervous around her, constantly making efforts to look and feel attractive. He also wonders what their relationship should be called.

Back in Richmond’s locker room, Ted tells Roy, Beard, Leslie, and Trent about Michelle and Dr. Jacob’s trip to Paris. Everyone likes to think that Ted is worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet. If anything, he should find out what is up with them before freaking out over it.

Much like how Ted calls this a group discussion of Diamond Dogs, Nate forms a group of his own at West Ham United. Unfortunately, he fails to get credible advice for his relationship from his colleagues at West Ham.

Ted approaches Rebecca to ask for a private investigator. Rebecca hears his concern, and after struggling to assure him that it’s nothing, she promises to make the call.

At Keeley’s office, Keeley receives a written statement sent by Jack about apologizing to the world for the leaked video. Jack says Keeley should post this on social media.

The team of AFC Richmond also learns about the leaked videos. When they find out that one of the videos is Keeley’s, Isaac immediately asks everyone to delete every video and picture sent to them. Roy and Jamie grow concerned about Keeley.

Isaac sees Colin using his mobile privately, so he snatches his phone to delete the videos he has. Isaac possibly learns that Colin is attracted to men. He gives Colin his phone back and stays quiet about it.

Keeley is bothered by the apology statement that Jack gave her. She shows it to Rebecca, who points out that it’s written by a lawyer. Rebecca says that if she doesn’t want to make this statement, she should tell Jack.

Roy meets Keeley outside to see if she is fine and ends up asking her for whom she made that video, which makes things worse. Ted continues to figure out if Dr. Jacob is close to Henry, while Jade makes the first move by sending Nate a good morning text.

The next day, on Henry’s request, Ted and Beard take him to watch a football game, and they are forced to see one of West Ham United’s games as there is no other game taking place in the city. Henry wholeheartedly cheers and calls Nate, who refrains from answering.

Later, Rupert texts Nate, assuring him that he will make sure to not let Ted in during the next match. Nate is conflicted because he doesn’t mind having Ted here, yet he thanks Rupert for the concern.

Ted, Beard, and Henry visit a pub. Ted takes time out as Rebecca calls him regarding hiring a private investigator. Rebecca convinces Ted that he doesn’t need to go down this road. She says Ted’s time with Michelle is past; he still has time with Henry, and he should enjoy it.

Meanwhile, Beard and Henry watch the performance of Hey Jude by a busker nearby. Beard knows what Henry is feeling about the situation his parents are in.

Beard shares the real meaning of the song with Henry, which is similar to the situation he and his parents are in, to motivate him. Then Beard, Henry, Ted, and everyone else around sing along to Hey Jude.

Keeley goes on a date with Jack, and she returns home disappointed when Jack introduces Keeley as her friend to one of her friends. Keeley is also upset over the fact that Jack is making her apologize for the leaked video.

Despite figuring out that Keeley doesn’t want to apologize, Jack insists. It turns out that she cares more about her company’s reputation. Keeley stands up for herself, and their conversation ends with Jack walking out.

Jamie later drops by to apologize for the videos he kept of Keeley, and Keeley finds the comfort she needed. Nate prepares for West Ham’s next match, and Jade tells him that he should enjoy his victories. She also makes their relationship official by calling Nate her boyfriend.

Ted bids his son, Henry, goodbye as Michelle and Dr. Jacob return from their trip. Ted has learned to enjoy the time he has with his son. He also notices that Henry isn’t that close to Dr. Jacob.


  • The eighth episode of Ted Lasso season 3 feels like a long stretch of events with nothing entertaining taking place. Neither Keeley’s relationship with Jack has given anything to look forward to, nor have Ted’s concerns about Dr. Jacob.
  • All the events taking place in the episode could have easily been cut short. For example, Ted’s appearance at West Ham’s game shows the viewers that the old Nate is still in there, but this is something the show has been hinting at for a while now, and Henry’s presence only gives this an emotional touch.
  • Anyhow, the series delivers when it comes to heartfelt moments. The conversation between Henry and Beard and Rebecca and Ted with Hey Jude playing in the back gives the viewers insight into Henry’s condition. Furthermore, Beard sharing Hey Jude‘s story is uplifting, and one can’t help but sing along with the characters.
Ted Lasso season 3 episode 8
Ted Lasso season 3 episode 8 recap & review: We'll Never Have Paris 1

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