The Good Bad Mother season 1 episode 10 recap & review

In the tenth episode of The Good Bad Mother, Young-soon decides to get Kang-ho married and starts looking for prospective brides for him. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Young-soon is still troubled by the knowledge of Kang-ho’s past and has nightmares about Chairman Song harming him. At the hospital, she overhears two mothers talking about their sons. 

When one of them talks about how her son changed after getting married, Young-soon gets the idea of securing Kang-ho’s future by getting him married.

She also makes Kang-ho the owner of Happy Farm. Young-soon is bringing new pigs to the farm to start it again. She now wants Kang-ho to live a simple and happy life as a farmer and not be a prosecutor anymore.

Sam-sik sells his mother’s purse, but he is still nowhere close to paying off his debt. Meanwhile, Chairman Song’s men, Mr. Cha and Mr. So, go to Kang-ho’s house to find evidence against Assemblyman Oh, but it is no longer there, as Young-soon got rid of it.

Young-soon tells the villagers that she wants to get Kang-ho married, and they all help her get Kang-ho ready and meet different women. However, every woman rejects Kang-ho because he acts like a seven-year-old child.

Baek Hoon-ah faces losses and is approached by creditors for their money. Meanwhile, a customer’s inappropriate suggestions make Mi-joo throw him out. The man then intimidates her, but when Kang-ho arrives at the scene, Mi-joo tries to scare the man away by telling him that Kang-ho is a prosecutor.

Kang-ho saves Mi-joo from a motorbike accident and remembers the time when a similar accident had made him miss his exam and landed her in the hospital. He repeats the words he said to her back then and kisses her. Later, he even confesses to her that he likes her.

Young-soon witnesses Kang-ho and Mi-joo kissing in the market. Young-soon wants to get Kang-ho married before he regains his memories, as she fears that he might try to get revenge as soon as he remembers everything.

The police find and identify Hwang Soo-hyun’s body. The detective in charge does not think that she killed herself, as they find a fake passport and a lot of money on her person. On the other hand, Chairman Song thinks he will have to go to Kang-ho’s village himself to get the evidence.

Andrea tells Young-soon about his college friend who wants to get married to a Korean man. Young-soon and the villagers meet the girl, and they like her. The girl tells them that she would like to meet Kang-ho soon.

Sam-sik tricks Kang-ho into giving him the jewelry that Young-soon had bought for Kang-ho’s fiance. The villagers get a call regarding the same from the police station, and it makes Young-soon angry that Kang-ho got tricked so easily.

Kang-ho tells Young-soon that he wants to be a prosecutor, and it does not take long for Young-soon to understand that he wants that because Mi-joo called him a prosecutor. When Young-soon gets angry, an upset Kang-ho asks her why she gets to make decisions for him all the time.

After this, Young-soon meets Mi-joo and asks her to talk to Kang-ho about getting married. Mi-joo concludes that Young-soon is rushing to get Kang-ho married because of some other reason. Young-soon has no choice but to tell her about her illness.

Mi-joo then thinks about the time Kang-ho left her. She did not tell him that she was pregnant because she believed that he would have given up whatever it was that he needed to do, but she believed that he will return to her once he accomplishes his goal. 

She struggled and could not work, as she was busy raising her twins. One day, when she saw Kang-ho with Ha-young, that is when her heart broke. She then left her children with her mother without giving her an explanation. She now regrets not telling Kang-ho.

Mi-joo finally tells her mother that Kang-ho is the father of her children. This disappoints her mother, as she does not want her daughter to be with someone like Kang-ho. Mi-joo asks her mother not to pity her, and the next day, she dresses up her children to go to Kang-ho’s house.


  • It is always heartwarming to see the villagers coming together to help Young-soon. Additionally, Young-soon’s delight over something as simple as Kang-ho wearing his old shoes further makes these scenes sweet.
  • Young-soon’s character does not change overnight; it is still developing, which makes the development believable. She now wants Kang-ho to be anything but a prosecutor, but as Kang-ho points out, she is still not letting him do what he wants. 
  • Furthermore, Mi-joo finally decides to tell her mother about her relationship with Kang-ho, and her mother’s reaction is also quite realistic. The news does not make her happy; it makes her pity her daughter and her grandchildren.
The Good Bad Mother season 1 episode 10
The Good Bad Mother season 1 episode 10 recap & review 1

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