The Good Bad Mother season 1 episode 13 recap & review

In the thirteenth episode of The Good Bad Mother, the villagers find out about Young-soon’s illness, and Mi-joo takes Sam-sik with her to help Ha-young escape. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Kang-ho finally finds Cho Yeong-jae, who initially does not want to talk to Kang-ho, as he no longer trusts anyone. When he does talk to Kang-ho, he tells him that Hwang Soo-hyun killed herself.

The night Cho Yeong-jae was taking Hwang Soo-hyun away in his boat, a few men surrounded them. Hwang Soo-hyun had no choice but to jump into the water with her baby. Cho Yeong-jae did not go to the police because he was scared that those men might try to kill him again.

Meanwhile, Sam-sik and Mi-joo go to the hospital where Ha-young is being kept. They dress up as doctors in order to meet her because her name is missing from all the hospital documents. There, Sam-sik sees the man with tattoos who hit him and set fire to Young-soon’s farm.

The detectives who are solving Hwang Soo-hyun’s case come to Young-soon’s house, looking for Kang-ho. Andrea gets under the blankets and pretends to be Kang-ho. Young-soon then sends the detectives away and asks them to return only when they have a warrant.

Since Young-soon’s farm has been burned down, Andre will be leaving soon, so Young-soon gives him some money, which makes him happy. At the same time, Baek Hoon-ah’s new song is a hit, thanks to the words Kang-ho said to him when Kang-ho was trespassing into his house.

The village chief is receiving a commendation for having a crime-free village. He is then questioned by the detectives about Kang-ho, but the detectives soon find out that he is not going to be of much help.

Sam-sik’s mother, Sung-ae, gets into a fight with Gum-ja and Young-soon, and Gum-ja has no choice but to tell her that Young-soon is dying. As Sung-ae sobs embracing her friend, the other villagers also find out about Young-soon’s illness.

Kang-ho thanks his investigating officer for all his help and gives him the phone that Mr. Park’s wife gave him to defend her husband. Kang-ho gives this phone to him to get Mr. Park justice, but the investigating officer tells him that the case has been closed.

Furthermore, he still is not certain whether Kang-ho is with Woobyeok or against them; he does not really know the kind of man Kang-ho is. Kang-ho promises to show him his real self and that he will not regret standing by Kang-ho’s side. Hearing this, the investigating officer agrees to reopen the investigation.

Chairman Song tells Mr. Cha and Mr. So that Kang-ho never killed Hwang Soo-hyun, so Assemblyman Oh decided to frame him as Hwang Soo-hyun’s child’s father and their murderer. 

He needs to kill Kang-ho before the baby’s body is found or Kang-ho regains his memories, which he does not know has already happened. As Assemblyman Oh and Chairman Song are now working together, Mr. Cha and Mr. So must kill Kang-ho now.

Mi-joo poses as a doctor and manages to get into Ha-young’s room. She then convinces Ha-young to run away with them and expose her father’s crimes. Mi-joo, Sam-sik, and Ha-young escape Assemblyman Oh’s men with Kang-ho’s help.

Sam-sik brings all of them to the hotel of the man who has been harassing him for money. Kang-ho uses his position as a prosecutor to get the man to let go of Sam-sik’s debts. 

He also tells the man that Mi-joo and Ha-young are his investigating officers who will be staying here with Sam-sik to report illegal activities. The three of them will be safe here while Kang-go goes to get the evidence.

Kang-ho apologizes to Ha-young for using her and confesses that he has always been in love with Mi-joo, who overhears this. Before Kang-ho leaves, Mi-joo asks him to come back safely and live with her and the twins as a family for the rest of their lives.

Mi-joo’s mother gets angry once again when she finds out that she is with Kang-ho, but Mi-joo knows that her mother is angry because she does not want Mi-joo to go through what she went through when she kept waiting for her husband who abandoned her. 

She thanks her mother for not abandoning her father, and due to that, Mi-joo could have a father. Mi-joo wants the same for her children, and her mother finally understands her and does not fight with her anymore.

Mr. So and Mr. Cha realize that they are being followed. Chairman Song sent these men to kill Mr. So and Mr. Cha once they kill Kang-ho. Mr. So and Mr. Cha fight the men, and with the help of some of the villagers, are able to arrest some of them. 

The villagers come together to take care of Young-soon and even sleep at her house. On the other hand, Kang-ho goes to visit Assemblyman Oh in a public place.


  • This was a much more light-hearted episode as compared to the previous episodes. Young-soon and Kang-ho are no longer alone, and the various subplots are also moving toward their conclusion before the finale. 
  • Sam-sik’s character is definitely the most entertaining character in this episode. His presence makes this episode a lot more amusing than it would have otherwise been. This episode would make the audience want to see more of Sam-sik with Mi-joo and Kang-ho. 
  • The hospital escape was certainly a refreshing segment. The show does not have many scenes like this one, and yet the makers pulled it off easily.
The Good Bad Mother season 1 episode 13
The Good Bad Mother season 1 episode 13 recap & review 1

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