The Good Bad Mother season 1 episode 4 review & recap

In the fourth episode of The Good Bad Mother, Young-soon finds out about the kind of man Kang-ho had grown up to be, and Mi-joo faces financial difficulties. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Mi-joo’s twins, Ye-jin and Seo-jin, befriend Kang-ho because they think that he is seven years old. Furthermore, Kang-ho thinks that he is stupid, but Young-soon explains to him that he is not stupid. He just went back to his childhood; he has been given a chance from above.

Mi-joo tracks down Sun-young’s mother, who tells her that Sun-young has also stolen from other people like her. To pay the gambling debts of the man she loves, she took a private loan and put everything owned by her and her family as collateral.

Sun-young disappeared after that, and her mother is still struggling because of her. Mi-joo knows that there is no way for her to get her money back. Due to Sun-young’s betrayal, Mi-joo is facing financial difficulties; she even has a hard time paying rent. 

Mi-joo thinks about the time when she moved to Seoul and got her first job at a nail salon. She came across Kang-ho, who was working part-time as a waiter at a restaurant while studying at the same time.

He did not contact her after moving to Seoul, and she did not do it either because she was guilty about making him miss his first exam. He admits that he still hates the fact that his fate was decided the day he was born.

He despises the heavy burden that has been placed on him, but his way of getting his revenge is by making sure that he becomes a prosecutor at any cost. Mi-joo asks him to let her invest in him, as she wants to help him get his revenge.

While Kang-ho quits his job and focuses solely on his education, Mi-joo works hard to provide for both of them and takes care of Kang-ho. The two live together and start dating again. Kang-ho passes all the tests one by one until he finally passes the bar exam.

Back in the present, Young-soon takes Kang-ho to get physical therapy, but the moment Kang-ho does not find her, he starts panicking. Young-soon calms him down and promises him that she will never go anywhere without him. 

Chairman Song visits Assemblyman Oh and tells him that Mr. Yang’s wife has proof that he was paid to kill Kang-ho and then commit suicide. Additionally, he knows that Ha-young drugged Kang-ho and has evidence to prove that as well. 

Assemblyman Oh then tells him that Hae-sik was Kang-ho’s father and that he believes that Kang-ho approached his daughter to get revenge for his father’s death. 

However, Chairman Song already knew who Kang-ho’s father was. He had ensured that Kang-ho was trustworthy before taking him in. When Kang-ho first met Chairman Song, he told him that his father killed himself because he was an irresponsible man.

Unlike his father, Kang-ho wanted money and power, and for that, he got his hands dirty. Chairman Song was happy to make use of his talents. He was eventually going to abandon Kang-ho anyway.

Meanwhile, Kang-ho has gotten closer to Young-soon. He deeply cares for her and does everything that he can to make her happy. Young-soon has to go to Seoul to get his belongings, as his lease has expired.

She finds hidden storage in his house and brings back everything that is kept inside. When she goes to his workplace, she comes across the mother of the innocent man, Mr. Park, who was sent to prison by Kang-ho in order to protect the Woobyeok Group.

Young-soon defends her son and fights Mr. Park’s mother, who is protesting against Kang-ho, as she does not believe that Kang-ho can be corrupt. 

However, when she is returning home, she gets into a minor accident with a man who is driving an expensive car. Due to the accident, a box in her trunk pops open, and she sees the gold that Kang-ho received in bribes. 

In his mother’s absence, Kang-ho plays with Ye-jin and Seo-jin and ends up losing the ball that Mi-joo had bought for them. The twins believe that their father is a scary man and threaten to complain to him about Kang-ho. 

When Young-soon returns home, she screams, hits Kang-ho, and curses him for the way he turned out, but she realizes that it was her fault. She suffocated him and turned him into a cold-hearted monster. When Kang-ho starts crying, she comforts him.

She takes him to the pigsty for the first time and tells him that the only way for pigs to look up is to fall down. She thinks that the two of them have also fallen down right now, but this is how they will be able to see a new and better world.

Mi-joo cannot keep a job, as she has clients chasing after her for the money that Sun-young stole. She talks to Sam-sik about getting fired again, but she does not know that Sam-sik is not actually working on a fishing vessel; he is working as a waiter at the fishing union communal workshop.

When Young-soon is not around, Kang-ho goes out looking for the twins’ ball. He ends up losing his phone and meets the man who got into an accident with Young-soon. Kang-ho is also able to remember the laws he studied in the past but does not know what they mean.

Young-soon follows the marks left by his wheelchair but fails to find him. Kang-ho finally finds the ball and goes to the twins’ house to give it to them. There, he comes face to face with Mi-joo. 


  • As compared to the previous episodes, this episode did not have a surprise in store or too much drama, but it was still an entertaining episode, thanks to the twins and their relationship with Kang-ho.
  • Young-soon and Kang-ho’s relationship is improving. She is trying to change herself as a mother, which is a welcome change. Unlike before, she now makes him feel special and actually shows him how proud she is of him.
  • The episode briefly focuses on Kang-ho and Mi-joo’s past relationship. Although their story only takes up a small part of the episode, it is a sweet and engaging story that gets the audience invested.
The Good Bad Mother season 1 episode 4
The Good Bad Mother season 1 episode 4 review & recap 1

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