Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 12 recap & review: Last Order

In the eleventh episode of Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi goes to meet Mikey when he discovers that all his friends have been killed in the new timeline. The episode is now streaming on Hulu.


When Takemichi realizes that he is at Mitsuya’s funeral, he checks the news and comes to know that Mitsuya was strangled to death and that Hinata was also killed in a car accident.

A crying Takemichi runs away from the funeral and falls down in the middle of the road. He then notices the key to his rundown apartment that falls out of his pocket; in this timeline, he has gone back to living in that apartment.

He goes to the apartment and finds the last photograph that he took with his friends before returning to the future. Just then Naoto visits him and tells him that in this timeline, every major member of Toman — Chifuyu, Hakkai, Mitsuya, Draken, Kazutora, and Haruki — has been murdered; even Kisaki was killed.

The person wanted for their murders is none other than Mikey. Takemichi refuses to believe this, and Naoto thinks that Takemichi is the only one who can discover the truth by meeting Mikey.

They soon realize that the photograph came with a letter from somewhere in the Philippines. The letter asks Takemichi to meet the sender at the place the sender told him about on January 20.

When Takemichi sees the keys to the bike that Mikey gifted him in the past, he realizes that the letter is from Mikey, who had told him about the place in the Philippines where his brother found the bike engines.

Takemichi, along with Naoto, goes to the address that was written on the envelope. They reach a junkyard and have to split up to look for Mikey.

Inside, Takemichi finally finds an adult Mikey, and he starts crying. After their greetings, Mikey tells Takemichi that he called him here to ask him for a favor. Mikey talks about their past, and Takemichi thinks that Mikey has not changed.

Mikey then asks Takemichi why he left Toman. He also tells him that when he tried to stop him from leaving, Draken and Mitsuya pleaded on their knees to let Takemichi go. 

They swore to follow Mikey on the path of violence, but they believed that Takemichi is not suited for what Toman is becoming; they did not want Takemichi to turn out like them. Toman had changed, and Mikey wanted Takemichi to stand by his side and scold him like his brother. 

Toman turned violent because when Mikey killed someone for the first time, he did not feel anything, which made him realize that he can just kill people to solve his problems.

Mikey admits that he killed all their friends, and now he wants Takemichi to put an end to everything by killing him. He gives Takemichi a gun to finish the job. 

When Takemichi refuses to believe that Mikey has changed, Mikey points his gun at Takemichi and threatens to kill him if he does not kill Mikey first. 

Mikey looks into Takemichi’s eyes and remembers that before he killed Chifuyu, he had told him that Takemichi will come looking for Mikey one day, and when that happens, Mikey should look into his eyes, as they never lie, and trust him.

Mikey starts crying but still threatens to kill Takemichi, who refuses to even pick up the gun. Naoto arrives at the scene and shoots Mikey. Naoto realizes that Mikey never intended to kill Takemichi, as the gun’s safety was on.

Mikey thanks Naoto for ending his life, as it has been nothing but full of suffering for him. Takemichi cries and promises to make everything right, but Mikey dies in his arms. Takemichi then looks determined to change things.


  • This was the first time Mikey appeared as an adult, and his character design was aesthetically pleasing. The attention to detail in the design, especially in the scene where Mikey dies, makes this episode easy on the eye.
  • This episode introduced a new timeline, and like every other timeline in the show, this one was also intriguing. Kisaki, who was considered the mastermind behind Hinata’s death, is also dead, and now Mikey is the antagonist.
  • Furthermore, Mikey was not fine in the past, as Takemichi had assumed. His sadness was apparent in his death scene, which makes the audience sympathize with him. The show does not put him in a bad light as it did with Kisaki.
  • This episode did not have a lot of action, but as the new timeline was packed with emotions and twists and turns from the very beginning, the episode did not have a single dull moment.
Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 12
Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 12 recap & review: Last Order 1

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