Truth Be Told season 3 episode 2 recap & review: Her, Armed with Sorrow Sore

The second episode of Truth Be Told season 3 follows the aftermath of Drea’s death, with Poppy pushing the investigation further. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Poppy goes to meet Drea’s parents to extend her condolences. During the visit, Desiree wonders if she has spoken to Eva since last night. Poppy had spotted Eva leaving the same motel where Drea was found.

It turns out that Poppy and Aames did interrogate Eva, who claimed that she arrived there after receiving a tip. Drea died from strangulation; whoever killed her wanted her to suffer. She also had slept with multiple partners recently.

Poppy and Eva engage in another conversation at Drea’s house. Eva learns how Drea died and confesses that a student, whose family is not here legally, lives in that motel. The girl admitted seeing Drea a few times there, but Eva was too late.

Poppy and Markus are allowed to investigate Drea’s house further. They come across a hidden bag and find a phone inside it. She has been using an app called Questeur. Markus calls this app Snapchat’s dirty cousin.

Drea has made sure to delete all of the conversations. Poppy takes note of all the usernames Drea has talked to on Questeur, believing that one of them could be her pimp.

The founder of Questeur won’t budge on user privacy. On top of that, the OPD has certainly not investigated the motel room properly. Poppy intends to investigate the room herself before Drea is written off as another dead prostitute.

With Leander’s help, Poppy and Markus get access to the room, where they discover a needle—something the cops may have missed. Poppy immediately sends a picture of that needle to Aames.

The duo suspects that they could get some answers from the diner opposite the motel. Poppy questions a group of girls sitting there about Drea. There is a change of behavior in them the moment Poppy mentions her name.

It feels like they are withholding information. One of them, Rochelle, says that Drea wasn’t part of their crew. She talks about a man who used to pick her up; he usually comes on Tuesdays.

Rochelle reveals that this man has corny vanity plates on his car. These plates have ‘IRX4YOU’ written on them. This is one of the usernames Drea was talking to.

Back at school, Eva faces the wrath of the superintendent for bringing the case to the school. Her urge to solve this brings her to Poppy. She joins her and Markus to track this man whose car has ‘IRX4YOU’ written on its plates.

The man is Dr. Pascal. He admits to sleeping with Drea but says he hasn’t killed her. He has all the proof they need. He also confesses that he saw Drea pleading to a man named Trey.

Aames has someone named Trey in the system. He, along with Poppy and Markus, visits Trey’s house, where they come across Rochelle. She starts abusing Poppy the moment Poppy notices Drea’s necklace on her.

While Aames puts Rochelle in the car, Poppy goes through the place and finds videos on Trey’s laptop. These videos contain couples getting intimate with each other.

One of the videos has Markus’ daughter, Trini, sleeping with her boyfriend, whom Markus and Zarina had met earlier at dinner.

Amidst all of this, Aames is pushed to investigate Emily’s case. He learns that her father’s old business partner, Victor, might be holding a grudge against him since her father’s exit from the company, which soon went bankrupt.

Poppy’s family is overjoyed to learn that Desiree is expecting a child. Though she feels alone in this, she still thinks this is how it needed to happen. Her sisters assure her that she is not alone.


  • Truth Be Told season 3 is getting things in order with episode 2. The premiere episode felt a bit scattered, and the writing seemed weak. Compared to that, the second episode is more convincing.
  • The hostility around Eva is quite strong, and the character does come out as suspicious no matter how helpful she wants to be. The show has brilliantly created this image around her. The viewers are not going to like or hate her; they are just going to suspect her.
  • Truth Be Told season 3 episode 2 continues to be filled with subplots. Though they are heartwarming, one can enjoy these up to a certain extent, especially when there is a great main plot playing around.
Truth Be Told season 3 episode 2
Truth Be Told season 3 episode 2 recap & review: Her, Armed with Sorrow Sore 1

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