Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 6 recap & review

In episode 6 of Behind Your Touch, Jang-Yeol tries to solve a confusing case of panty theft, as a figure from his past appears with a sudden betrayal.


The body washed up ashore in the last episode turns out to be of a high-end escort whose cause of death was a meth overdose.

She stopped working a few weeks ago and has a butterfly tattoo on her arm near the track marks, which confirms to Jang-Yeol that this was Baek’s doing.

Ye-Bun has to go on a house call to Gwang-Sik’s farm. Jang-Yeol gives her a ride till there but when she wakes up from a nap, she finds they’re in Seoul.

There, he meets Baek and warns him about the fishing boats he’s brought, something he came to know about thanks to Ye-Bun’s powers. Baek shares with Seung-Gil that they must kill Jang-Yeol.

In a funny instance, Ok-Hui warns Ye-Bun not to hang out with Jang-Yeol a lot. Gwang-Sik encourages Ye-Bun to use her powers for success in her dating life.

She tries to do that but Jang-Yeol is there to stop her like always. He then asks her help in catching the panty thief troubling ladies of late. He puts forward his butt that Ye-Bun touches to peek at his past with Seung-Gil.

She then tracks down the panty thief in the memories and he’s shortly caught. Meanwhile, Jang-Yeol wanders out into the wild and Seung-Gil confronts him, seconds before stabbing him in the spleen.

Ye-Bun witnesses it but withholds the truth from Jong-Muk later, as Jang-Yeol receives treatment. Later, Seung-Gil tries to visit Janng-Yeol but Ye-Bun follows him and he eventually confronts her.

She touches his back and sees that he had begun working for Baek because the nun that raised him was in dire need of surgery and Baek offered money for a job, or the nun dies.

He also purposefully stabbed Jang-Yeol in the region where it wouldn’t turn into a fatal injury. She tells it to Jang-Yeol and he says that Seung-Gil is a criminal regardless of that fact.

Shortly thereafter, a bloodied Seung-Gil turns up in the room where Jang-Yeol is admitted.

Before Seung-Gil dies in Detective Moon’s arms, Ye-Bun takes a peek inside his brain and sees that a man in a rain poncho killed him, as Behind Your Touch episode 6 concludes.


  • Behind Your Touch episode 6 progresses the plot with some significant developments that will affect and involve the central characters.
  • Chief Jong-Muk’s response to Jang-Yeol’s authoritative command makes for the funniest moments in the episode.
  • Talking about the funny, it’s a shame that Mr. Park isn’t given much to do here since he’s by far the funniest person among all in Behind Your Touch.
  • It’s great to see the inevitable character development that Jang-Yeol is about to exhibit as the locals of Mujin help him melt the cold walls around his heart.
  • Until that, he must learn how to cope with one of the few people, or maybe even the only one who he genuinely cared about in his life the most.
Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 6
Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 6 recap & review 1

Kim Seok-yoon, Choi Bo-yoon

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2023-08-27 20:30

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