Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 7 recap & review

In Behind Your Touch episode 7, Jang-Yeol begins an investigation into the murder of his loved one and other dead bodies in what he deems to be an act of a serial killer.


Jang-Yeol immediately heads off to exact revenge for Seung-Gil’s death, and noticing his fury, Ye-Bun accompanies him.

He visits Baek and starts pounding on him until Ye-Bun stops him and after reading the mafia boss’s memories, she tries to convince him again.

Jang-Yeol can’t overcome his anger but the cops, tipped off by someone, come and cuff Jang-Yeol. Jong-Muk visits him while he’s in detention and shows him the brutally random and amateur way Seung-Gil was stabbed by the killer.

Jang-Yeol asks for Ye-Bun’s help in his investigation into the murder. Jealous of their frequent proximity, Ok-Hui visits Mr. Park and asks to make her a shaman.

He instead offers talismans to achieve what she wants. When they don’t work, she’s given other talismans that affect the target’s luck.

However, Hyeon-Ok expresses regret about not valuing people who cared for her when she was young and naive touch her and she realizes her errors. Later, the talismans surprisingly seem to work as fate brings Ok-Hui and Da-Eun’s brother closer.

Meanwhile, Ye-Bun and Jang-Yeol’s investigations commence and she touches a snake to find that Seung-Gil’s killer wore a rain poncho and later she finds that he was using a kitchen knife similar to the one used in her house.

However, both of these leads aren’t that helpful since both these articles are incredibly common in Mujin. Although, Jang-Yeol now knows that the serial killer is a Mujin resident.

Jong-Muk opposes this serial killer theory but later gives Jang-Yeol the green light to investigate. Before that, the body of Si-A is found at the beach, thanks to Ye-Bun. The town, distressed by the murders, decides to host a rite.

Jang-Yeol takes Ye-Bun to task and begins rounding up the ruffians for the latter to touch their butts, something that’s only the beginning of their plan to touch every butt in town.

Meanwhile, at the rite, Mr. Park is seemingly possessed by the spirits of the deceased that claim their murderer is in their midst, before Behind Your Touch episode 7 concludes.


  • Behind Your Touch expands upon the mystery and things sure seem to be getting exciting in Mujin.
  • Episode 7 also amps up the supernatural aspect as both Mr. Park’s talismans as well as his shamanism seem to be actually working. However, his antics are best consumed with several grains of salt.
  • The mystery surrounding this serial killer deepens and in the midst of many likely suspects, zeroing in on only one seems difficult, which proves that the show has done a good job not making the state of affairs too obvious.
Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 7
Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 7 recap & review 1

Kim Seok Yoon, Choi Bo Yoon

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2023-09-02 20:30

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