Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 9 recap & review

In Behind Your Touch episode 9, Ye-Bun comes to regret doing a good deed, as she and Jang-Yeol later try to track down the lurking killer.


Gwang-Sik and Ae-Ran are let go by Jang-Yeol relatively easily, albeit with a word of advice on reflecting upon their deed. Ye-Bun shares with Ji-Suk that Ae-Ran is alive and how and why she ran away, as well as her current location.

Ji-Suk relays the information to the cafe owner who gets her worker to force Ae-Ran to come to the cafe and start working again.

Ye-Bun confronts Ji-Suk about it later on but she says she’d have to pay Ae-Ran’s debt too had she perished or gone away, which is why she had to do this.

Ok-Hui and Da-Eun’s brother’s romance blooms further, in spite of the former’s reservations and reluctance about it. The same happens with the romance between Hyeon-Ok and Jong-Muk.

Ye-Bun tries to make up for her assumptions about Ji-Suk and accompanies her to a delivery to a remote area. Ji-Suk, annoyed, leaves her there and drives away. Before long, though, she’s dragged away by the killer and Ye-Bun notices her fallen scooter when she eventually catches up.

She helps Ji-Suk against the killer and even lands a hit on him, before taking her to a relatively well-hidden spot and hiding her there, until she goes and gets help. On the way, she comes across many Mujin residents whom she’s wary of until she reaches Jang-Yeol.

She takes him to the spot but Ji-Suk has been killed by then. Jang-Yeol is sure that the killer is a psychic too and has looked into Ye-Bun’s memories when she was returning from the crime scene.

He asks her to make a list of all who came in contact with her and they narrow it down to a few who become prime suspects.

Meanwhile, Ye-Bun’s grandfather meets Jong-Muk and hands him the file of a years-long investigation he says he had been doing but now can’t continue.

Seon-Woo invites Ye-Bun over to his workshop to show her the progress and Jang-Yeol, exceedingly suspicious of him, gets worried about Ye-Bun’s safety, as Behind Your Touch episode 9 concludes.


  • Behind Your Touch episode 9 makes matters more thrilling by seemingly narrowing down the number of likely suspects. The mystery is alive and kicking with no clear answer as to who the killer is.
  • There’s a tinge of greater conspiracy involved here, as Bong Ye-Bun’s grandfather hands over his investigations to Jong-Muk, which gives the chief of police something significant to do, should he decide to do something with it.
  • Seon-Woo continues to wave red flags but with every suspicious move of his, it becomes more and more likely that he’s not the killer, although he does seem very much like a vigilante with a great sense of justice.
Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 9
Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 9 recap & review 1

Kim Seok-yoon, Choi Bo-yoon

Date Created:
2023-09-09 20:30

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