Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 13 recap & review: How We Approach an Unsolvable Conjecture

In Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 13, Haeng-Seon’s suspicion regarding Dong-Hui’s nefarious nature is confirmed in front of her, while Hae-e faces the gravest turn of events.


Hui-Jae reveals in front of the judge that he witnessed Jin Yi-Sang’s murder but failed to get a look at the killer’s face, although he did notice his calloused index finger. Ms. Jang gets her son released and the warrant dismissed.

Sun-Jae avoids Hae-e while confronting his mother about the low move she’s pulled. Hui-Jae notices his brother’s grief and later consoles him. Meanwhile, Hae-e is unable to talk to anyone about this.

Dong-Hui is determined to make Chi-Yeol’s schedule as busy as it can be so that he has no time to interact with Haeng-Seon. However, the love-sick star teacher can’t help himself and arrives at his girlfriend’s home, even sleeping with her when other family members have all fast asleep.

The next day, Haeng-Seon catches Dong-Hui red-handed when he throws the food she brought for Chi-Yeol and his team into the dustbin.

The two have a standoff as Chi-Yeol overhears it. As Haeng-Seon drives back home after telling Chi-Yeol that she needs some time to get her head straight, Dong-Hui tells the star teacher that the yacht allegations are false although he was being petty to her just now.

The detectives investigate Hui-Jae and learn from the vet that he’s actually been very compassionate and devoted to getting his kittens treated and even arranged a funeral for the dead cat. This lends credibility to Hui-Jae’s claims that he made during the warrant review.

They then learn that Jin Yi-Sang was Chi-Yeol’s number 1 hater, finding all his obsessive efforts at dragging the star teacher’s name into the mud. While Detective Bae Jung-Soo prepares to question the last person Yi-Sang talked to, Detective Song looks for Jeon Seong-Hyeon, as he gets more suspicious about the person’s role in all of this.

Hae-e meets with Ms. Jang who asks her to not come clean to anyone about the cheating that she forced her to take part in, but Hae-e declines to do that. On her way home, Hae-e is trailed by Su-a, who keeps having intrusive thoughts of killing Hae-e, a condition linked to her disorienting disease.

Hae-e goes missing and everyone grows concerned as they start looking for her. Her phone rings but they go unanswered before it is turned off. Before Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 13 concludes, it’s revealed that Hae-e was being chased by a man before she is hit by a car, and the man giving her a chase was none other than Ji Dong-Hui.


  • Crash Course in Romance nears its end and stakes have expectedly turned the higher and graver they’ve ever been. Ji Dong-Hui’s a stan and his vicious fangs have been exposed to Haeng-Seon, but she might not yet catch up to just how much damage he’s ready to do with them.
  • However, as Detective Bae and Song will be questioning him about Yi-Sang’s death soon, the star teacher is bound to smell the perilous funk emanating from his long-trusted assistant.
  • A lot also hinges on Sun-Jae now, who’s been rendered into a person crushed by conflict and guilt, which is only going to reach paramount levels as he hears about Hae-e’s condition.
  • Will he come clean about the inadvertent cheating and defy his mother, and how will his move impact his relationship with Hae-e? What follows the upcoming episode of Crash Course in Romance ought to answer this and other pressing questions at hand.
Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 13
Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 13 recap & review: How We Approach an Unsolvable Conjecture 1

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